Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Government-Free Egypt vs. A Homosexual U.S. Dictatorship

"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose,
And nothin' and worth nothin', but it's free."

-Kris Kristofferson (Songwriter, 1936- )

As the Egyptian Revolution, The Lotus Revolution, enters its third week of lively, crowded, and bold protests, government officials in Egypt are trying to make the case of their own necessity. Mubarak ridiculously claimed, after he sent thugs and goons on horseback and camelback to fight protesters, that if he stepped down, chaos would reign. Similarly, the United States has warned against a hasty departure by Mubarak, to insure a "smooth transition" and promote "stability." Government officials are becoming increasingly perturbed Egypt will not be in their sphere of exploitation any longer. They are slipping into something.....freedom. When U.S. officials claim Egyptians will determine Egypt's future what they really mean is eventually they will find the right bunch of traitors, and make them an offer they can't refuse.

As they dance, sing, and engage in debates about the future of themselves, it is becoming more and more apparent they will get what they want. Most likely, it will not resemble what people today envision as government at all. Their new societal structure will hearken back to the premise of America;'s founding fathers: Government that governs best is that which governs least. Egyptians have done well not to lose perspective on where they are at this very moment. They are more free than any person in any country on the planet.

Totalitarian America- The Dominion of Homosexual Tyrants

The most pervasive lie told in America today is that the country is free, has free and fair elections, an impartial judiciary, and a free press. Everyday the New World Order gangster politicians use this misconception to their advantage as they blatantly steal and oppress the people, not unlike Hosni Mubarak. After all, Joe Biden doesn't think Mubarak is a dictator and Dick Cheney called him a friend.

Even though this blatant corruption is right in front of every one's face, still weasels like Rahm Emanuel are able to waltz right in to prestigious offices high up in government while thwarting justice. Yesterday, the public found out about two phone calls between then-Governor Blagojevich and then-White House Chief of Staff Emanuel that are "mysteriously missing." Though Blagojevich is on trial for having challenged the Bank of America on December 8, 2008, prosecutors are trying to convict Blagojevich on the ground that he tried to sell Barry Soetoro's vacated Illinois Senate seat. The missing calls are from December 8th.

Blagojevich contends these two calls would corroborate his innocence. Since James Zagel has refused to allow these calls to be heard, The National Pulse is forced to speculate what comments may be embedded in these calls. Since the arrest was simply to get the naive Blagojevich off the street before he ended all Illinois business with Bank of America and crashed the world economy single-handedly; there must be some other tidbits of juicy interest, that, if the public ever really found out, would cause the farce of government to become even more irrelevant. But, alas, we in the real press (un-corporatized, un-compromised) are forced to speculate as to what could have been so destructive as to not admit it as evidence in a court of law when a man's life is at stake.

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
-Abraham Lincoln (United States of America President, 1861-1865)
In the last 30 year, U.S. Corprate Administrations have perverted the Constiution most prolificly. Just last week, President Obama eliminated the border with Canada, merging the U.S. into a "superstate" with Canada and one step closer to a New World Order.

Canada is now home to some of the hated Trabelski clan deposed in a flash of leadership in Tunisia during The Jasmine Revolution. Even though Interpol has half-heartedly issued an arrest warrant for Belhassen Trabelsi, Obama's "Superstate of Oceania" has turned blind eye as Canada harbors an economic terrorist to the Tuinisian people. The President's (Pres. Ben-Ali) wife, the former hairdresser Leila Trabelsi, fled to Saudi Arabia with 1.5 tons of gold. Leila's nephew, Imed Trabelsi was not as lucky. He was reportedly attacked by an angry mob at the airport- probably trying to high-tail it out of Tuinisia.

The Trabelsi's (her side of the family) were extremely hated by the Tunisian people. Uneducated and crass, they were unable to hide the corruption even a little bit; and the people grew to hate them. When men with machetes stormed the Presdiential palace, they laughed as they uncovered piles of pornographic movies in the rubble. Why would the U.S. support such deviant tyrants who clearly had no business making policy for people? Well, birds of an international, global feather, flock together.

In the U.S., it is well-known that Barry Soetoro and Rahm are lifetime members of Man's Country, the gay spa devoted to all things super gay on Chicago's North Side. Could it be that the tapes reference Rahm and Barry's love of Chicago sausage and/or explicit gay sex? Why else can't the public hear the tapes in a supposed free country?
Government is nototrious for fighting dirty, on a sloped field. In Egypt, young men have been "disappeared," and men have been tortured by police. When pro-Mubarak, pro-government forces have been detained by the peaceful protesters, it is rumored that detainees have then slipped right back into the ranks of those causing havoc on the streets of Cairo. What else should we expect from a regime who rose to the forefront in the U.S.'s grotesque torture program? Point-man for the CIA and Egyptian Vice President, Omar Suleiman warned the protests must end or he would release the "dark bats of the night" to terrorize the Egyptian people.

It takes a certainly sick, deviant individual to condone such acts of sexual torture the likes of what was seen in Abu Ghraib and other torture centers of the War on Terror. Barney Frank was caught using his Washington apartment as a gay brothel. Senator Larry Craig was arrested for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport bathroom- Ewwww. Craig is retired and Frank is still in office screwing things up and sickening people on the House floor when he speaks. Heck, the Obama Administration's Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings is a openly homosexual who once counseled a 15-year-old gay child about a relationship with an adult without notifying the child's parents. Jennings is a proponent of teaching "fisting" to teenagers. Washington is a a giant cesspool of sexual deviancy and pederasty. These people get together to legislate tyranny and diddle each other. While The National Pulse doesn't disparage anbody for their sexuality, this publication takes great offense at government instituing "anti-bullying" campaigns, using homosexuality as a crutch by which to legislate immoral values on the American people, especially the youth.

Rahm, when questioned about the calls, stressed that Blagojevich used foul language. Perhaps Blagojevich used a word which is a no-no with baseball umpires.... and judges, apparently. Rahm is clearly not even Sear and Roebuck material. He is really in the wrong business.
Watch this scene from the 1988 movie Bull Durham, about minor league baseball.

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