Thursday, February 10, 2011

"A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble."
-Mohandas Ghandi (Leader of India, 1869-1948)
Below is a call to revolution in Egypt from January 24, 2011. Asmaa Mafouz, 25, called on all Egyptians to come out in opposition to President Mubarak and his corrupt regime. These passionate, bold words of determination kicked off a week of bloody clashes until the police were defeated and embarrassed out of their uniforms.

17th Day of Rebellion and Protests= The Crucial Moment of Decisive Acts of Rebellion

"All war is based on deception."

-Sun Tzu (Chinese Martial Philosopher,

On Thursday, February 10, 2011, Hosni Mubarak pledged early in the day to announce his abdication only to thumb his nose at the Egyptian people once again. Instead of standing down as promised, the government of Egypt issued numerous bits of disinformation to toy with the emotions of the expectant crowd that has been through hell and back enduring the elements of revolution. Soldiers today dropped back from their posts near Tahrir Square to fortify the Presidential Palace the day before an expected intense day of peaceful public protests screaming for the ouster of the current dictatorship.

Without Action, All Gained Could be Lost

Though the people inside Tahrir Square have spread out to other squares around Cairo, they have failed to remove Mubarak from his presence in country. Strikes have paralyzed the country. This has successfully countered Mubarak's attempted "war of attrition" against the protesters huddled in tents in the middle of Tahrir Square. However, the crowd in Tahrir Square must move ahead with simple demands and laws of their own since the people have taken away Mubarak right to dictate the terms of the peace anymore.

In the French Revolution of 1789, the Third Estate found itself locked out by hardliners of the Ancien Regime who thought if they continued to play their foolish games of constructed "civilization," complete with its own set of laws, would cause the voices of revolution to go away. These laws were based on hereditary and ecclesiastical rights to rule. The Third Estate took an oath "not to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstance require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established." This Tennis Court Oath asserted the rights of the people to march ahead with their own laws, usurping those of the monarch, Louis XVI.

For the Egyptian people to do such a thing they must be sure and determined to go all the way; there can be no turning back. For if the courageous Egyptian people truly desire their freedom; as The National Pulse believes they do, they must be prepared to take on the international banking system, their fiat currencies, and the assumed rights of private corporations which have collaborated to keep Egyptians from living the life for which they are entitled.

This will be no easy task, but it must be done if Egypt will ever be able to tear itself from the oppression of the jackal world bankers determined to control the finances which keeps every Egyptian and other person in the world a slave of artificial, illusory debt. Nine hundred U.S. Reconnaissance Marines have not been moved into the area to "evacuate American citizens." History has proved that attacks on monetary policy are so revolutionary, the elite simply cannot allow any fissures of the sort. U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated after issuing Executive Order 11110 which would have forced the Federal Reserve System to redeem Federal Reserve debt notes for silver. Most recently, sitting governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich was arrested in his underwear at six in the morning after pledging to end all business with Bank of America. Since this is the sweet spot of the military industrial complex and allows for the dictation of monumental scope in the world, the globalists bent on world domination cannot allow such a country to regain economic sovereignty. Why? Because then, everybody would want to be free. Duh.

Wherever the delegations of the new sovereign Egypt may meet, be it a tennis court or section of Tahrir Square, The National Pulse offers some sound advice for Egypt to proclaim to the world. Since Mubarak's Egyptian government no longer is in a position to dictate the terms, all deals made in the past with foreign governments, foreign central banks, and corporations are null and void. New provisions must be written to add further irrelevance to all forms of oppressive government forces from imposing their will over the will of the Egyptian people.

  1. Egypt will be enacting a move toward a gold monetary standard. All foreign banks are to close their accounts with the Egyptian people, redeeming monies owed in gold or silver. All future transactions be it military aid or otherwise; are to be made in gold or silver in accordance with the Law of the land.

  2. All resources within the borders and beneath soil of Egypt belongs solely to Egyptians. All foreign entities forfeit all accounts and business deals made with the Mubarak's government. This includes the assets of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer and the Suez Canal. Payment, heretofore, for use of the Suez Canal will be charged not in Special Drawing Rights, but in physical gold. The Egyptian people hereby nullify the Convention of Constantinople granting the right of passage of foreign entities through the until the needs of Egyptian people are achieved.

A proclamation of this kind to the world will help the Egyptian people break through the haze of the tyrannical disinformation and view their true enemy- the international banking cartel. Mubarak is but a puppet placed into powers by a much more insidious gang of criminals that use economic terrorism to plunder the lands of the indigenous in consolidating their strangling power over all peoples in the world. Regaining control of monetary system is a strike at the throat of the new world order police state designed to keep everybody in debt servitude.

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