Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The State of the Union Is Poor- Extremely Poor

Man on knees in front of Presidential motorcade, Chicago, 2010

"Tyrants have always some slight shade of virtue; they support the laws before destroying them."

-Voltaire (French philosopher, 1694-1778)

Last night, the public face of the Shadow Government spoke on the miserable State of the Union. As each day passes, it becomes clearer and clearer that the only unions that are strong are those sinews which hold the giant corporations and their political whores together. One uses the other to pacify and trick the people while the former loots and pillages the land while enslaving and killing the inhabitants.

Obama's handlers presented him in much the same way he has always been presented- the frontman for the New World Order. To complete the environmental changes they believe are necessary, the established moneyed powers have got to establish the bounds of discussion. Individuality, religion, and culture have got to be minimized, if not entirely eliminated, to induct the kind of brainless statism promoted by Obama and his puppet handlers. In the past, Obama has been the quintessential disinformant- he combines well-worn cliches with nothing else but articulate language and clean looks.

Now into the third (and worst to date) year of his Presidency, Obama is as predictable as he is cheesy. Judging by the content of his speeches, Obama not only believes the American people are incredibly stupid, but actually in a different caste than himself and some of his cohorts in Congress. Obama is incapable of understanding the desire for true freedom because he is too busy condescending and holding up the lies which make the New World Order and globalism possible.

In the first part of the speech, Obama gave his usual cliches that help spread the myths about Americans "wanting the government to work," when they would prefer the government to start repealing legislation until they arrived at the Constitution. After patting himself on the back for passing tax cuts for the gigantic corporations of the world, Obama decided to let the American people in on a tiny secret that the corporate media has refused to discuss. China is about to collect on all the debt amassed through the wonders of globalism.

In Obama's third year now, even the dumbass college kid with the Mao t-shirt doesn't want to hear the dainty-handed Obama try and rally the basketball team in the locker room at half time. Nowadays, when he says anything about "what sets us apart as a nation," he sounds like a oppressive pimp trying to convince his prostitute (the American people), her lip bloodied and eye blackened, to go out and sell her ass some more times. The message is, "You ain't tryin' hard enough baby, but in time, your attitude will make all the Johns pay me. You could be my best earner, you so damn cute." It used to be American coporations, teamed with the military industrial complex, that treated other countries brutally, like their prostitutes. Paybacks are a bitch.

Today's atomosphere, however, will make sure it will be the other way around. According to Obama, America should try and beat China to spite the "the naysayers predicting our decline." The bloggers and alternative media outlets predicting the decline are not the reason for America's demise. The banks, helped by Obama himself, are the main cause of the transfer of wealth away from American shores. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) knew before the financial crisis that this kind of transfer would occur as a heartless, logical result of globalism. That is why they ordered a complete audit of the U.S. financial system, usually reserved for broke banana republics, in the summer of 2008.

As the U.S. slips further and further into the debt of the Chinese, it has become more and more clear, that Obama is facilitating the Chinese takeover of parts, if not all of the United States. As facilitator he is pacifying some in the crowd, confusing others, boring others, and demonizing thoughtfully concerned people. Nevertheless, it is obvious Obama and his cohorts are too softand too incompetent to get the necessary tyranny implemented needed to complete the takeover by the one-world government proponents. This is why the Chinese are forced to come in and dictate the takeover for themselves. This is why Jeffrey Immelt became "Jobs Czar," and Bill Daley became Chief of Staff. The banks and large corporations are being forced to answer for the phony money created by the Federal Reserve System's market bubbles. The Chinese want payment for their loans, plus the juice for keeping the illusion of the Federal Reserve debt note alive as currency.

Above and beyond humiliation, China wants hard payment. That is why GE gave Chinese companies the contract to build high speed rail lines over the entire Eastern United States. Though the American cow has been milked well into malnutrition, the Chinese now have the promise of land-grab by way of railroad. The Chinese government has been using this technique on their own people for years now. And as Harry Reid notes, it is much easier for China to be tyrannical because they have a dictator.

Months ago this would have fit perfect with the United Nation's evil plan of Agenda 21- the massive land grab by government and corporate forces. Now, however, global warming has been exposed as a sham, Obama's Climate czarina has resigned, and the Congress is unlikely to see a climate-related bill make it to the floor. The Chinese, not the U.N., are dictating the steps to be taken- an they are not used to beating around the bush.

"If the public are bound to yield obedience to laws which cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them."

- Candidus (pen name of Samuel Adams, Brewer, 1722-1803)

Designed Helplessness and Suppression of Reform

Indeed the conditions of the world are bad; and bound to get worse, as public speakers think they will be able to lead by propagating myths that purposely are intended to divide the masses. The powerful elite can rue the day the Internet was invented, plan its regulation, and even try to lock the people out of the world wide web. It won't work. The ideas of freedom always survive and if they don't, the ideas of desperation and destruction overwhelm the power structure anyhow.

All over the world, the international bankers and their puppet political organizations are being pressured to abdicate. So grim is it in other parts of the world people have taken to self-immolation (setting themselves on fire, see here, here, here). These tragic protests have spread across the Middle East like, well, wildfire. In the Middle East, like America, injustice and corruption is blatantly enforced and officials have gotten increasingly bolder, taxing people on their right to life. For instance, one poor guy in Azerbaijan set himself ablaze after the police were pressuring him to pay a fine for chopping down trees.

In the U.S., violent protests haven't been entirely self-inflicting. After 11 police officers were shot in 24 hours, authorities questioned if there was a "war" on police. People are becoming more and more brazen in their attacks on police, as one guy recently walked into a police station in Detroit and began firing at officers. The increase in violence against law enforcement officials has been due to poor economic conditions- cities have taken more police officers off the street as the economy has worsened. Meanwhile, those who come in contact with police have become more nihilistic.

Of course, this destabilization is the desired effect wished by the sadistic elite. They want to militarize the police. Today, Marines train for urban warfare- skills they may have to use versus their own people.

After all, lying to the people about large basic subsistence level issues will result in confrontation. Continuing to profess that "the food is safe to eat, the water is safe to drink, and the air is safe to breathe," while refusing to answer questions about the evils of genetically modified seeds, fluoride, and the covert geoengineering (chemtrail) plan in the skies will cause some people to take matters into their own hands out of desperation.

To quote Obama speaking about some inane factoid, "That is not sustainable."

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