Friday, January 21, 2011

Dissent and The Delphi Technique

"Down through the centuries, this trick has been tried by various establishments throughout the world. They force people to get involved in the kind of examination that has only one aim and that is to stamp out dissent."
-Pete Seeger (Musician, 1919- )

This week during Hu Jintao's triumphant ride through the ruins of Washington, he commented several times about "our cooperation as partners" in achieving "mutual respect" and "mutual benefit." Since the nation, as it known to commoners, is actually a corporation, chartered by the monarchical government of England/Vatican, China is trying to collect their investment from corporate leaders posing as public officials or citizens who care about the state. To truly understand these statements, it is helpful to consult the Black's Law dictionary for a clarification of what this could mean for the people who live on the land claimed by the corporate powers.

The full definition of corporation (found here) is long; for our purposes it is important to pay attention to the part that defines a corporation as such: "Public corporations are generally deemed to exist for political purposes only, such as towns, cities, parishes, and counties; and in many respects they are so, although they involve some private interest; but, strictly speaking, public corporations are such only as are founded by the government for public purposes, where the whole interests belong also to the government. If, therefore, the foundation be private, though under the charter of the government, the corporation is private, however extensive the uses may be be to which it is devoted, either by the bounty of the founder or the nature and objects of the institution."

For a person whose mind has not be thoroughly cleansed by the educational system, television, or general myth propagation that the Illuminati-led American military industrial complex is notorious for; one needs not look very far to find out how stacked the deck is against individual freedom and sovereignty. The corporate state was set up to thwart man's attempts to attain freedom while pacifying the majority into believing they are free. This diabolical tactic did not occur overnight, but happened over the course of years of consensus building.

How was this consensus built and who provided the framework to ensure the myth was propagated?

The RAND Corporation defines itself as a "nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis." Though the organization started off building new weapons for the military, the institution expanded into politics, science, and history. In their field they were able to effectively rewrite the way people see the world by dominating the dissemination of information. According to former employee Alex Abella, "RAND's ultimate goal was to have technocrats running every aspect of society in pursuit of one world government." RAND's history is a long and infamous one- constantly arguing for more war, oblivious to the human suffering.

One of the more infamous consensus-building methods is known as the Delphi Technique. Curiously, it was named for the oracle at Delphi, a special spot in ancient Greece, where a crack in the earth was said to emit vapors. A priestess sat on a stool directly above those vapors and under a hallucinogenic spell, spoke gibberish. This gibberish was interpreted by high priests as a forecast of the future. The oracle had its origins in prehistoric times and in the worship of Gaia (Gaia worship is one of the principle tenets of the global warming hoax).

"The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western World. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity- much less dissent."

- Gore Vidal (Author, 1925- )

In the late 1960's, about the time Al Gore was first getting all his false climate data together for his PowerPoint presentation, the RAND Corporation developed the Delphi Technique. The U.S. Government adopted the technique and enhanced it as a decision-making tool in a which a group of experts could come to a consensus of opinion when the decisive factors were subjective, and not knowledge-based. To put it bluntly, the Delphi Technique became useful for established order to suppress any dissent through intellectual bullying and ostracizing critics.

The key to achieving a pre-conceived consensus while ignoring what may be popular opinion or fact, is the selection of the facilitator. The facilitator is usually an expert at identifying human behavior and emotion. Like a poker player, a skilled facilitator will study the group dynamic immediately and make identifications. This person acts as an organizer, bossing people to make lists, or form task forces. During this process, the facilitator is adept at making judgements about people within a group. The facilitator skillfully identifies leaders and loud mouths who may pose a threat to conclusion, and the cowardly, shy, or mentally slow, who probably won't be difficult to control.

At its core, the Delphi Technique''s purpose is to isolate people who disagree with the pre-conceived conclusion. To do this, the facilitator uses the divide and conquer technique to manipulate one group's opinion against the other. If there are people who appear to be against the preset conclusion, the facilitator will make the critics appear foolish, inept, or aggressive. Meanwhile, this also sends a message to those who have yet to speak: Do so at the risk of looking foolish. This is classic psychological bullying.

The people within the group, eager to have a voice in the decision-making process, are usually unaware what is being done to them. Outwardly, the show of group discussion makes it appear as if they have a voice. This is a ruse however, as the facilitator, usually a professional psychological manipulator, will try and move the meeting into a different direction, silencing critics. A successful facilitator, will, throughout the group meeting appear to the majority in the group as the "good guy."

Usually, results or conclusions of the meeting are compiled by secret ballot towards the end of the meeting. If the facilitator was successful at steering the meeting toward the desired consensus, the ballot at the end need not be compiled honestly. The dissenting opinions of those in disagreement need not be reflected as they were already made to look outrageous during the discussion.

In recent years, the global warming consensus was exposed for this very kind of intellectual intimidation. The East Anglia emails were anonymously dropped onto the Internet exposing willful deceit by climate scientists. The scientific data was constructed to make it appear as if the Earth is getting hotter when in fact, the opposite is true. Scientists conspired to ostracize dissenting scientists from being published in scientific magazines. Some even tried to have others removed from their positions in the high offices of education.

Below is a clip from the classic movie from 1975, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, starring Jack Nicholson. The clip opens with a group meeting led by Nurse Ratched, the facilitator. This is a pretty good example of the Delphi Technique. Notice when the group votes, her eye contact is all that is needed for some in the group to understand how a vote in favor of the proposition would make her feel.

MacMurphy (Jack Nicholson) is voted down at the meeting but extracts his revenge on the group later by spraying water on them. His frustration over the group's cowardice and pettiness is a good example of a successfully facilitated meeting.

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