Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Economy is Dis-Improving

"All money is a matter of belief."

-Adam Smith (Economic Philosopher, 1723-1790)

Despite what the Orwellian double-speakers trumpet from their corporate megaphones, the economy is only getting worse. The corporate media can crow and crow about creating jobs (presumably out of thin air like the money) until they are blue in the face. Until the men behind the curtain (Federal Reserve System) are forbidden to use their money printing machine ever again, the economy will not improve. In fact, it is doomed to get worse; much worse.

Below is a chart showing the Baltic Dry Index compared to the spot price of Gold. The Baltic Dry Index shows us nothing is moving. Consumerism as an economic mantra is dead.

Despite gold's manipulation it is poised to rocket up to an undetermined price at some point. If it doesn't, it won't matter anyway since the money-printers have become so unbelievable, the market will rule anyway.

Once the people fully realize that globalism has been yet another ruse, the illusory values attached to paper money by the elite slave masters will go into the rest of the annals of gigantic lies like the divine right of kings, the flat Earth, or global warming.

Baltic Dry Index- a number issued by the London-based Baltic Exchange. Not restricted to Baltic countries, the index tracks world-wide shipping prices of various bulk dry cargoes. (from Wikipedia)

Baltic Dry Index vs. Gold

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