Friday, January 28, 2011

Self Immolation in North Africa; Worldwide Rejection of Tyranny

Pictured Above: Riots in Egypt

"A man cannot lay down the right of resisting them that assault him by force, to take away his life."

- Thomas Hobbes (Philosopher, 1588-1679)

All over the world people are feeling the pressure from government. Government is making the circumstances of simple living unbearable, while simultaneously and shamelessly over-stating the necessity of their own being. The oppression, sped up by the integrated global economy, is a worldwide phenomena reaching across continents and cultures. However, everybody feels pressure differently. Individual cultures each have their own ways to deal with pressure; their own line in the sand which causes them to collectively say, "Enough! No, fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!" Some cultures (America) seem to have a higher threshold for some things other countries would not tolerate and vice versa. Regardless, lines in the sand are being crossed all the time and the trust in government has been terribly eroded. The point is this: A critical mass is rising in support of individual freedom and the right to live unobstructed by the government parasite and their hoax of authority which enables them to tax people into poverty and destitution.

Though not the only land in which the people are oppressed and fed up, Muslim North Africa has been the first to explode in defiance in 2011. As Paul Craig Roberts astutely points out in an article from March of 2010, Muslims are numerous but powerless because of the division among Muslims. This disunity has been thoroughly exploited by the Rothschild/Israel/U.S. military industrial complex to manipulate leaders and policy throughout the Muslim World. In Egypt, the Internet and social media has been shut down and protests are currently raging. The U.S. puppet, Mubarak uses the $1.5 billion he receives each year to simply buy off the opposition. In what Obama described in a world where "the economic rules have changed," however, the dollar is no longer a viable excuse for the ongoing corruption and injustice.

"Can a nation be free if it oppresses other nations? It cannot."

- Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov (Lenin) (Revolutionary, 1870-1924)

No matter what the U.S. government says about inflation, prices are rising quickly all over the world. Meanwhile, wages have stagnated. Taxes, fines, and penalties imposed by governments all over the world have increased. Sooner or later, as it becomes harder for one to live, this will result in confrontation. And when that has no effect, people who are so distraught with their state of affairs will resort to dramatic, sometimes psychotic measures.

France and the NWO's Imposition of GM Crops

Indeed each culture has its own threshold of tolerance for government corruption. In France, perhaps the most damaging bit of information was released by WikiLeaks. It was a cable from U.S. Ambassador to France Craig Stapleton (cousin by marriage to George W. Bush) to diplomatic colleagues describing the need for "retaliation" against France for rejecting genetically modified seeds.

It is well-known that the French enjoy their food. According to part (c) of the cable, France's new "High Authority" designed itself to roll back science-based decision making since the scientists who came up with programs, like Codex Alimentarius, are quite obviously mad. France's new body didn't even review MON 810. Quickly, they moved to make farmers and seed companies legally liable for pollen drift (of the GMO seeds) and identify through a registry the cultivation of GMOs at the parcel level. This cable made it clear what happens when people stand up and turn the tables on the New World Order. They retaliate- this is not a conspiracy; this is fact. And as concerns rise in France about the U.S. relationship with totalitarian China in the world economy, the French people have reached their tolerance limit.

"One life is all we have and live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying."

-Joan of Arc (French Nationalist, 1412-1431)

As the fiat money around the globe proves insufficient to service the people, more and more governments will be assaulted by the people. The ties that bind the puppet governments together are largely financial. When that is diminished or taken away completely, people will resort back to nationalistic and cultural ties to perservere through the anarchic times. Despite all the scare tactics, people will probably get along much better than they do now.

Maybe real change- like a huge reduction in government- is long overdue.

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