Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Destabilization of the Midwest; Giant Bullseye on Chicago

"We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German Playwright, 1749-1832)

The new year, 2011, clanged into being with a loud thud, confirming the pessimism of critics of the global plan for the eugenic New World Order. Although on the run, the globalist psychopaths are still in power and will stop at nothing to realize their diabolical dream of perpetual power through global depopulation. This reality has been too painful and frightening for most to discuss. However, the deathly shenanigans are right outside every one's door, looming, threatening, and attempting to terrify people into silence. As the shitty year of 2010 morphed into a new beginning of 2011, hundreds of thousands of birds and fish died worldwide as a result of government testing. Be it a phosgene mishap, chemtrail reaction, or electromagnetic pulse experiment, the government is obviously behind these animal deaths. How can one be so sure? All one has to do is pay attention to the questions that are not being asked. The lapdog, abetting media has refused to seriously report on the issue while simultaneously demonizing anybody with a brain for being concerned. This disdain for the truth and those who seek it is a commonly targeted enemy of the elite who collapse economies, wage wanton war for profit, and when all else fails, stage false flag terror to further consolidate power while the people suffer.

The disaster of the bird and fish deaths may very well be a natural occurrence or the result of the massive oil spill continuing to wreak havoc over the natural world. It could be the result of the New Madrid Fault line coming to life. It could appear to be a lot of things if one has no understanding of the diabolical evil entailed in the elite's plan for the world. These bird and fish deaths could be natural but we, at The National Pulse, doubt it. Many people think just becasue ideas have not been addressed by the mainstream media that they are not happening. Chemtrailing the skies all over the world and a base in Alaska that emits frequencies strong enough to move mountains may be the subject of comic books, but they are also a reality. Even though the technology exists, the media chooses to never seriously explore such items out of fear of reprisal from the out-of-control military industrial complex.

After all, the government's elite economists have claimed the economy is getting better since the crash of 2008. They have never been anything but entirely wrong. They will continue to never be correct because they abetting the criminals from debating true reforms. Top economists in the highest educational positions are only paid a lot of money to offer the battered American people a little salt for their wound as they attempt to find a job.

Amazingly, most Americans still worship the Ivy League and other educational institutions, thinking the "academics" that control these institutions own the gate of knowledge. The brainwashing of most American people is so complete and thorough, that even when facing their own destitution these poor souls cannot fathom their own government and institutions they patronize or cheer for on the field actively perpetrating such evil against them.

"Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions."

- Niccolo Machiavelli (Italian author and Political Philosopher, 1469-1527)

Predictably, Rahm Emanuel was cleared by a judge to run for Chicago mayor despite having lived in Washington, D.C. for the past two years and rented his Chicago home through a realtor. Last March, Emanuel, the former ballerina and Israeli soldier, decided he wanted to run for mayor of Chicago. This was odd considering Mayor Richard Daley had been mayor of Chicago for 20 years as was his father before him. Daley, it appeared, had every intention of running for another term as it was probable he would win re-election. The National Pulse covered these events in detail including the slaying of Daley's personal bodyguard (see Daley decides Stakes Too High; Rahm To Run).

According to sources, despite the slack-jawed dismay of Chicagoans who used to pride themselves on Mayor Daley's unique Bridgeport brand of corruption, residents in the City of Big Shoulders are clearly upset, but doubtful Rahm will be the Mayor. Let's be clear: Emanuel will be the next leader of Chicago, be it mayor, martial law governor, or Holy Hebrew warlord. Whatever his title, his position with be first to exploit the riches that come through Chicago. This decision by the globalists to put the son of a Jewish terrorist and ex-Israeli soldier does not bode well for the City of Chicago. In fact, with William Daley set to become the next Chief of Staff in Washington, the selling out of Chicago's local political machine to the New World Order is complete.

Alarm bells should be going off like crazy in Chicago as Bill Clinton is planning a January visit. Where he places an interest, trouble follows. Last year at this time, Clinton was serving as Special Ambassador to Haiti. On the eleventh of that January last year, Haiti was hit with a unique earthquake that crushed the town of Port au Prince. The devastating quake oddly caused little damage to airports and roadways which U.S. forces, who had been training in the area, quickly took over. (For a review of the chain of events. read The National Pulse's 3- part series, On The Haitian Earthquake, Part 2, Part3).

Over 200,000 people perished in the earthquake, while no member of the mainstream media held any leader to account even as HAARP's record from that day had been deleted. Clinton used the disaster as aq front to open a relief slush fund through which little got to Haiti in the form of relief. Haiti will celebrate the day when the U.N. leaves. This January, arch-criminal Clinton will appear in Chicago to help the son of an Irgun terrorist swoop in as Chicago mayor.

What do they have planned for Chicago?

In Bob Woodward's book, Obama was quoted saying, that the U.S. could "absorb" another terrorist attack. Obama's reasoning was that the U.S. was now stronger post-9/11. By stronger, Obama must mean himself and oppressing government forces who use fear to manipulate the people in support of large corporate interests. Because today, America is no where close to the country it was pre-9/11. It is considerably weaker militarily, financially, and morally.

Statements such as these reflect how these Zionist gangsters in Brooks Brothers suits view the world and themselves in it. Infamously, Rahm was quoted appreciating crises as an opportunity to make huge changes. After all, his father was an Irgun terrorist who orchestrated hotel bombings and propaganda to orchestrate Palestinian flight from their homeland.

There are no more bailouts to be had. All that is left to save the economy set up by the globalists is more war. Each day, Israel and its behemoth bully, the U.S. war machine, are losing support. Even the Jews of Israel, the most racist people on the planet, are losing faith in the Zionist thirst for blood. Is this how they wish to honor the souls that died in the Holocaust- by starting World War III? Jewish rabbis are instructing Israeli Jews not to rent to Arabs. Their wives are urging Jewish women not to date Arabs. Even model Bar Rephaeli was urged not to marry actor Leonardo DiCaprio. To get the people behind something like an attack against Iran, a similar attack such as 9/11 will be needed to trick people into reviving their hate of "Islamic extremists." Who better than Emanuel, the son of an original Zionist terrorist to orchestrate the aftermath of a false flag attack in Chicago?

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that...I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."

- Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio)

And of course, like New York after the Trade Towers attack, the money to be made will go directly into Jewish Zionist coffers. A closer look at Larry Silverstein, the owner of the Trade Towers who gave the order to "pull" Building 7, the companies the facilitated the security breaches, and the five dancing Israelis arrested and then released by U.S. officials provides the smoking gun of a caper designed to trick America into a war against Islam.

The dancing Israelis detained and subsequently released, even had the balls to go on Israeli television and explain the only reason they were in America at all was to document the event (9/11).

With Zionist terrorists continuing to force the issue, no one is safe. For them, Israel comes first. America is merely a tool; pawns to be used to glorify Israel.

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