Friday, November 19, 2010

The Fraudster's Frankenstein: The Mortgage Deadbeat

"These people are trying to steal my house with no proof of ownership."

- Daniel Traylor (Sovereign, quoted about the foreclosure and illegal forced eviction from his home)

Everywhere a person looks these days all level of government- federal, state, and local bureaucracies are operating without any regard to the law. The individual, the cornerstone upon which this country was designed through its Constitution to protect from abuse by government, has been cast aside by the reigning corporatacracy and their tentacles of persuasion- the school system, mainstream media organs, and their appointed useful idiots. All this has been made possible by the welfare state money-printing machine. Today, the pressure between the tyrants teamed with their useful idiots, and the majority of people forced to live under the thumb of tyranny is now rising to a crescendo as the paradigm set up by the power-hungry control freaks is realizing the failure which was inevitable since its birth.

For the time being, it still seems as if the large cartels, because of their "too big to fail" nature, are still too big to be culpable for anything. Largely though, it is they that are the culprits, the source of tyranny. Public opinion is so easily manipulated, few people recognize this as the case. People, eking out their own living, are more than willing to point their self-centered fingers at the "deadbeats" who took out too big a loan or lived outside their means.

However, the credit default swaps and the mortgage derivatives, conjured up by the Federal Reserve quantitative witches, lost the original mortgage deeds. As Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine writes, "The monster in the foreclosure crisis has no face and no brain. The mortgages that are being foreclosed upon have no real owners. The lawyers bringing the cases to evict the humans have no real clients. It is complete and utter legal and economic chaos."

Because if you are foreclosing on someone's house, a lender must have the proper paperwork. Not almost. They must have the original documents. Many people have just been victimized by the robo-signers and allowed the injustice to move forward. A few have stood up. Some of them are people who have declared themselves sovereign. And for the established order, whose house of cards built on un-Constitutional Admiralty law is teetering, this notion of anarchy is terrifying.

Currently, the "rocket docket", where retired judges have been hired to hustle as many of these frauds through as possible, are kept extremely silent, in the hopes no one will find out and tell the banks and whoever to go scratch. Taibbi writes, "This is the dirty secret of the rocket docket: The whole system is created to allow lenders to commit fraud over and over again, until they find a way to reduce the stink enough so some judge like Soud can sign off on the scam."

The whole reason behind the foreclosure "freeze" is the lenders' lack of proper paperwork. Do you honestly think they give a shit if they throw the whole country out in the cold? Think of all the people who were fraudulently dismissed from the roof over their heads for a lie.
This is the growing anti-government movement and the people are not crazy. The U.S. has been systemically pulled from its organic Constitution and placed under Admiralty Law, the British law of the high seas. The act of 1871 made everyone under the jurisdiction of the corporate Constitution a corporate fiction.

It is no wonder this out-of-control fascist state is aligning forces against people who are fed up with their economic terrorism. They face the prospect of their inconsequentialness; loss of control. The time has come for complete and utter rejection....refusal to deal with and separation from.

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