Sunday, November 21, 2010

U.S. Reitierates Its Dedication to Stay In Afghanistan Forever

"All war is based on deception."

-Sun Tzu (Asian Military Philosopher)

For fascist, imperialistic empires, the draw down of troops from illegal wars is never decided upon quickly. Clearly, the country desired an end to both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq during the summer of 2008. The voters were promised an end by a then-candidate Obama. After becoming President, Obama pledged to end America's role- a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan by July 2011. Administration officials have since backed off of this original date.

In a radical shift in philosophy, not only has the Administration backed off the original date of July 2011, but they have authorized the first squadron of 15 tanks to become involved in the Afghan theatre. These tanks will be followed by more, according to a top confidant of General David Petraeus, tanks in an apparent "surge." Just before this announcement, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the puppet of the western banking cabal, asked the U.S. and NATO forces to draw down their presence- especially the night raids of civilians' homes.

It is clear the U.S. never plans on withdrawing until the Empire, its currency, its peoples' self-respect, and emotional well-being are fully sacrificed to the one world government.

Afghanistan ia a rugged country that has become a "tank graveyard" from all the years of foreign assaults on the tribal people of Afghanistan. The Russian Empire died in Afghanistan. Year after year, U.S. officials continue to make the kind of decisions that will likely result in defeat.

Why would America, after 10 years, deploy tanks to a war zone if it was anything than but to assure defeat?

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