Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Climate Sham is Back! Reject!!

"Knowledge which is divorced from justice, may be called cunning instead of wisdom."

- Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman Statesman, 106-43 B.C.)

This is a quick review on the ridiculous, fake cause of global warming/climate change. Though it has been exposed as merely a ploy to extract more taxes from people, the major corporations continue to fund advertising and lobby politicians about taking action.

You might have thought global warming/climate change was dead on arrival as the Congress critters tried to push Cap and Trade through, placing a "price on carbon" and earning the right to tax everybody for their very life. You would be right except the elite has no respect for the intelligence of sentient beings and they think that if they just continue to push and legislate, eventually resistors will all just give up in the face of all the mainstream media's deafening disinformation.

Here's what really happened:

1.) Eugenic Population Control, funded by the largest corporate entities and a newly found total fiat paper money system, disguised itself as "environmentalism" in order to form the largest crisis in order to bring about the New World Order taxation state. Elite groups (like the Pilgrim Society, Bliderberg Club, CFR, etc.) led by the Club of Rome, in collaboration with large corporations, began a deeply-rooted science based on lies in the early 1970's. This corporate fasces along with the Federal Reserve's counterfeit money operation, funded a wide ranging movement promoting "environmentalism," but created what was really a thinly veiled excuse for eugenic population control. Al Gore was chosen to lead the way way back in the 1970's for the moment that thudded to the floor in dramatic defeat in Copenhagen 2009.

2.) The Third World Walkout- Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009. After humiliating defeat with his failure to get the Olympics, Obama and the floating Versailles, cruised into Copenhagen to try and convince the world to allow the Anglo-led banks to run the new currency that must be enacted due to the crisis they had created on purpose.

When they arrived in Copenhagen, the third world countries, whose leaders had mostly been tricked by the boondoggles that convinced them throughout the 1990's to crow corn for Ethanol instead of food for their people, arrived ready to deal. What they found out was that larger countries would be taking on less of the burden as earlier advertised.

A document started circling the delegation (Hugo Chavez talks about the shady business here found at the 1:35 mark) that explained to the countries, mostly African nations, that the third world would be expected to agree to a new round of "green" loans by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They walked out.

3.) Obama was LAUGHED AT during the State of the Union Address when he tried to say "climate change"was an urgent problem. This is after the Climate-gate emails has been pored over by independent journalists, exposing the treachery and fudging of data that existed before the revelation. Major universities, all fed by the same tyrannic money-printing machine, colluded together to promote the phony science of "global warming." The environmental disaster was, as Mikhail Gorbachev put it, to be the crisis to unlock the New World Order.

And it stands to reason. If people agree to a price on carbon, globalists will be able to tax living things for their right to breathe the air.


Here is the dramatic outing of Al Gore in Chicago, 2009, weeks after the Climategate emails were discovered and the hoax began to unravel tremendously fast. Gore canceled his $1,200/plate dinner entitled, "Climate Conclusion."

For Gore and the rest of his loser elite friends that support population planning, eugenics, and war, the Internet must really sting the ego. Others, like Jay Rockefeller still wonder why all the people can't just be quiet while government oppresses everybody as much as they see fit.....

Here is Al Gore getting run out of town like the snake oil huckster he is:

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