Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love of Freedom or State Worship?

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear- not absence of fear."

-Mark Twain (American author, 1835-1910)

People tend to like freedom more than tyranny. Self-determination, the long-cherished staple of Americana, has somehow taken a backseat to forcibly delivering democracy and ensuring safety from obscure boogeymen. No matter how much the collectivist fascists try to explain their reasoning for the greater good, most people eventually find themselves coerced by threats of financial or physical harm to acquiesce to the monopolistic cartels. When finally the measures become too oppressive, when the totalitarians cross the line in the sand, a turning point is reached in the conscious of all that desire to be free. For each person that paradigm-shifting event is different, causes them to change for different reasons; but eventually all like-minded individuals will find themselves pulling for each other in the same direction against the oppressor which finally materializes as the villain.

The success of the established order has always been to divide and conquer all opposition. First, they infiltrate the opposition, steering it off course (the Tea Party is an excellent example of this). Mainly, though, they use their mainstream media outlets to instill fear into the people. Fear of everything from Muslims to printer cartridges is used to make people submit and grovel before the tyranny of the state. It is all social conditioning to prepare people for their eventual criminality. Most law abiding citizens do not realize this is case, that they are being lumped together with run-of-the-mill thieves and law-breakers, but it is true- the desired goal of the one world order is to be able to tax anybody for anything any time..

Still today, even in these late stages of the Federal Reserve's designed collapse of the economy (of which most people are still entirely ignorant of), people still look at others who that struggle in this fixed, manipulated economy as having done something wrong to deserve their fate. Either the inability to empathize with another's plight or ignorance about monetary policy and the myth of "country," prevents them from pinpointing the real villains. The real louses in man's life are the restrictions to opportunity, exhibited by the ineligibility to deal because of a rigged, systematically prejudicial monetary structure. The debt-based system fundamentally puts the employee on the run, scrambling on the "hamster wheel on debt." Then, people are forced to double down with credit cards, fluctuating interest rates, and the everpresent inflation tax, characteristic of the fiat money system.
Sometimes the only way an awakening can be hastened is if a person falls out of favor with the Empire. Then and only then, after his/her ox has been gored, will they come to understand the injustice, the stacked deck, the inclined playing field. The established order loves to exploit man's inability to recognize how their persecution of their fellow man feeds the beast of tyranny. They know that most men, when faced with prospect of having to do for themselves; raise their own food, make their own energy, etc., would rather sit on their ass to the detriment of all mankind. Men such as these cannot see beyond the box that has been scientifically and specifically constructed for their own enslavement. It is people such as these who inexplicably blame the masses of foreclosures on the people who took the loan rather than the banks who lent the funny money and continue to rob and plunder until the entire world is plunged into war.

As the situation worsens, more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with their criminalization by a state that is operating completely outside the rule of law. As more and more people are dropped out of the matrix by unemployment or increased intelligence, cowardice fades away just like the other illusions the rulers have created. People start to not care and most importantly, act out.

"I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don't believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn't want to practice it with me. Brohterhood is a two-way street."

-Malcolm X (1925-1965)

Interestingly enough, last week during Obama's Asian Ass Kiss/Bitch-Slap Tour 2010, he spoke about Mahatma Gandhi while in India. In his praise of Gandi he inexplicably left out the most important tactic used by Gandhi to elicit change- the boycott.

Obama is correct in acknowleging disobedience being non-violent. But lack of violence is not what makes the tactic of civil disobedience effective.

Human action; the refusal to comply, to choose another path infuriates the established order more than anything. The current issue with the Transportation Safety Agency (TSA) is a good example of people being pushed too far by the government. Pilots, those people who must fly every day, boycotted the body scanners. When TSA and Homeland Security started to notice people rejecting the body scanners en masse, they increased the intrusiveness of pat-down checks for prospective passengers. Even if Homeland Security wants the people to be grounded, this solution is easy. Boycott the airlines. Let the terminals go out of business. Let no one fly but the slaves of the corporate giants determined to control ever aspect of your life. Problem solved.

On the ground, others have begun to take the law into their own hands. Recognizing that, in today's world, a state really is not a state at all but an amalgamation of corporate entities (Herman von Rompuy admitted this very fact the other day to the dismay of many peers). Nation-states exist only in the minds of the ignorant who expect Constitutions to guard them against the tyranny that has long past compromised their independence.

The sovereign citizen movement hearkens back to a time before the U.S. Constitution was signed- when men traveled miles and miles to escape the oppressive hand of government. Sovereign citizens are the direct anti-thesis of the hulking statism that is found in present-day America. Not only do the "leaders" violate the Constitution every day, they have involved Americans in illegal wars of aggression.

This movement has sent a shudder of fear throughout the established order. They are the ones who lent the money and lost the original deeds. This is why they can't foreclose on the people. This is why it is a crisis- because the banks should not win. The crisis for the elite is a probable loss of control.

Obama could have compared Gandhi to the sovereign citizen movement in the U.S. After all Gandhi took on the British Empire wherever they desired a monopoly over the Indian people. When Gandhi saw how the British were monopolizing the sale of salt, he walked to sea to produce salt from the sea. This is a powerful expression of love for freedom.

To say that Gandhi is a hero because he was non-violent negates the courage it takes to outwit the oppressors where it really matters- their pocketbook. But Obama is just not that sophisticated. He has no idea what it is to desire freedom. Obama is nothing more than a house servant for the elite. When he fails miserably and the white guilt wears off of America completely, they will throw him out into the cold to be ravaged by the vengeful peons.

Former President Bush in his retardific wisdom, was famous for saying that you are either with us against us. History is rapidly approaching a time when again people can exclaim without a shadow of a doubt that they are against the government terrorists.

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