Friday, October 8, 2010

Us and Them And After All We're All Just Ordinary Men....

"We don't need no education... We don't need no thought control."

-Roger Waters (from Another Brick in The Wall, music by Pink Floyd)

Recently the Anti-Defamation League attacked Roger Waters, the creative musical genius of the rock band Pink Floyd with allegations of anti-Semitism. The anti-Defamation League is a Zionist support group. They act as thought police, identifying dissenting opinions in service to the New World Order Zionists and the international banking cartels as they team together with other oppressive forces to subjugate humanity. Their ruse is an old one- they claim to help all minorities, but basically, they help their favorite, most powerful minority on the planet, Zionists. To do this, they accuse dissenters of attacking all Jews.

Aggressive imperialistic Judaism, or Zionism, is staunchly defended in today's world by the established elite. They backstop their aggression by continually pointing out their minority status as an historically persecuted race of people. Though many genocides, atrocities, and injustices have occurred since World War II; the Holocaust is, by comparison, the most decried genocide ever in the history of the world. Every minute statistic and gross detail of Nazi inhumanity is repetitively drilled into the brains of every American child throughout their academic career. There are over 20 Holocaust museums in the United States even though the U.S did nothing to help the Jews of Germany in the lead up to World War. Still today, the Zionists terrorize the Palestinian people in their homeland, and continue to be an integral force in consolidating the New World Order. Currently, Zionist forces in both the Israeli and U.S. Government are trying their hardest to provoke a third World War with Iran, a peaceful country.

When it comes to what the ADL defines as anti-Semitism, there is no such thing as free speech. Roger Waters, during Pink Floyd's song Goodbye Blue Sky, depicted a plane dropping bombs. The bombs, depicted as paper Federal Reserve money, corporate logos, and the Star of David, were intended to be symbols of imperialism, aggression, and greed. Waters (the band, Pink Floyd, pictured right, early 1970's), a musical artist, is now being forced to by the ADL to change his artistic expression, his free speech, because they say his expression is anti-Semitic. Waters told the Independent, "It's like saying if you criticise U.S. policy you are being anti-Christian. I'm critical of the Israeli policy of occupying Palestinian land and their policy of building settlements, which is entirely illegal under international law, ans also of ghettoising the land of the people whose land they are building on."

True religious insensitivity is promoted in Zionist spheres of influence. Since September 11, at the Loveland Museum Gallery art museum, images of "art" were posted of Jesus Christ receiving oral sex with the word "orgasm" written near his head. Art in this bad of taste is somehow promoted without a peep from the ADL, even though millions of people recognize Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN News for calling Jon Stewart a "bigot," and remarking on the well-known fact that Jewish influence is predominant in the media. Listen to the entire interview here. Do you think Israel would have been allowed to go this far in their promotion of World War III if they didn't run the government and control the news? Please. Television and Hollywood are in complete control of Zionist supporters.

What is worse is that the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center have teamed up with Homeland Security in their defining of "hate." Ultimately, this will mean prosecuting constitutionalists or anyone who stands in the way on the communizing of the United States. But "they," not the Jews, but the Fascist, communitarian, elitists have a long way to go.

What shall we use
To fill the empty spaces
Where we used to talk?
How shall I fill
The final places?
How should I complete the wall

-Roger Waters (Empty Spaces, music by Pink Floyd)

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