Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Failing Currency and Free Speech Suppression

"A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy, and a weak economy leads to a weak nation."

H. Ross Perot (Businessman 1930- )

As predicted by the Austrian economists, the world market is floundering and finally collapsing. The final stage of a planned economic collapse by central bankers is a currency crisis. Finally, when the credit runs out, no one is left to borrow from and there is no collateral to make lending desirable, hyperinflationary policy is the result. Like Ron Paul says, it is hard to say at which point confidence will be lost, but that point is coming soon. Prices on materials are steadily rising because the purchasing power of the paper dollar is going down. This is pushing gold and silver spot prices higher. Gold and silver's rise is really only an expression of the Fed's inflationary dollar policies.

"One thing I am sure of is that as this situation plays out and as gold and silver rally higher, the reasons given by some as to why the precious metals should not be doing what they are doing, rising higher in price, will become increasingly strident, insistent, and at times unintentionally funny because they are so disconnected and inappropriate compared to reality."

-Jesse's Cafe Americain, 10-5-10

In his latest speech last week, Bernanke told the truth. Borrowing has its consequences and its inevitable end. The tragedy is that the dollar is finally collapsing and the vast majority living on the American plantation are unaware of the collapse of their civilization they have been indoctrinated to accept as reality.

Somehow, Helicopter Ben and the Elite have been able to hold off quantitatively easing for two years beyond the credit crisis. Smoke and mirrors have worked keeping the ignorant children asleep, but now, the impact of rising prices will be dramatic. People who have cash will exchange it for assets like gold and silver. The people who do not will desperately look for the government to bail them out.

"Nothing fortifies scepticism more than the fact that there are some who are not sceptics; if all were so, they would be wrong."

-Blaise Pascal (Philosopher, 1623-1662)

Confusion, though, will be the main theme. The media will promote the chaos as they have since the start of the crisis, hiding the truth from the masses as they abet the elite trying to consolidate their New World Order police state. To do this they will have to suppress, shout over, and persecute those whose ideas are more apt to bring success. This is why the Army is embedding PSYOP soldiers at local TV stations. Not only are the large banking institutions losing the money battle but foreign news sources are out-journalizing the U.S.-based corporate media that has for years covered up the true stories illegal American aggression, false flag attacks, and economic terrorism from the American people. They have even tried to employ technology to identify "resentment toward government."

All suppression of free speech can be traced back to the elite's desire to control what is slipping away from them. The critical mass will be reached; it is being reached every day. Every day young people go to school to learn skills which will be useless to survive in the future. Men and women all over America commute day after day to their unproductive job and make an arbitrary wage in which their future is unsure. As the situation becomes more and more untenable, the people will look for other options en masse. Let's hope that is sooner rather than later.

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