Friday, October 29, 2010

For the Elite, Failure is Not An Option

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."

-John F. Kennedy

This could all be over if they would just surrender. Here at The National Pulse, we do not mean the Tea Party, foreclosure victims, or even taxpayers in general. In fact, that view, the mistaken view- that the masses of people are to blame at all for this economic mess is not welcome. The elite moneyed interests, having mortgaged all collateral in quest of total domination have failed. The New World Order, though, isn't going away without throwing the entire world into chaos, while holding on to their most important assets- the people. They intend to stick out to the bitter end; until each despotic faction of the fascist corporate octopus and their political lackeys receive a piece of the pie of power.

The problem for the elite and their sycophantic worshipping minions is that facades are falling down everywhere. Nothing is real. Everything is a scam, a ponzi scheme, designed to steal from and oppress the people. There is no justice because at the highest levels, factions are operating without any adherence to the rule of law.

How far are they prepared to push it? Judging by the totalitarian measure of the FDA,
EPA, and Attorney General's office, pretty far. The established order have no recourse but to continue their tyrannical program by equating Al Quaeda terrorists with disgruntled American citizens. As all their illegal foreign wars wind to a destructive defeat for the U.S. Corporate Empire, their evil bullseye is turning homeward and about to focus directing on the people who live in America. Austerity measures, as designed by the IMF in the summer of 2008, are about to kick in after the election theatrics are completed. Peoples' pensions, enveloped in the bad loans/derivatives mess created by the Federal Reserve will be severely curtailed- or more importantly, Americans will find out what actually happened when Congress awarded the banks the right to backstop their bad deals.

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