Friday, November 5, 2010

Who Is In The Pickle?

"Nothing is so painful to the human mind as great and sudden change."

-Mary Shelley (Author, 1797-1851)

As it pertains to currencies, or, rather, the "currency war" between the United States and the rest of the world, the question of who is in the most vulnerable position is a question that has been debated extensively since the bank credit implosion of 2008. The U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System, holder of the title of "world reserve currency," has insisted that the rest of the world must follow their lead when it comes to currencies. Like an evil maestro, the Federal Reserve has led all fiat (paper) currencies into the inflationary trap where foreign countries may be coerced into manipulating their currency for the good of the world's march to a new world order.

China wasn't the first country to recognize the Fed would be forced to create the money out of thin air to solve the derivatives mess they have created. In this intricate dance of deceit, the U.S. hoped countries would allow their currencies to appreciate against the falling dollar. Then the international bankers like the IMF, could hold America by the testicles and squeeze until every last bit of the freedom movement had been abolished in exchange for a full stomach. The Chinese, heavily invested in United States Government Treasury bills did not panic when confronted with what the U.S. officials cited as an "obvious" reality. The Chinese really didn't think they were to run the New World Currency did they?

Keeping all together as the world implodes into poverty isn't always easy. People like to be free to prosper. One example was Poland. Poland was becoming wise to the international bankers' game when they decided to weaken their currency (zloty) against the failing Euro. This move placed the interests of the Polish people ahead of the European collective, the European Union,at a time when the collective was trying to enforce austerity measures in Greece and other places. Needless to say, this move was not received warmly. The entire Polish government was blown up in a plane crash over Eastern Europe.

If you think monetary policy is something that matters very little, you understand very little about freedom. It is the tool of control exploited by monarchs and rulers throughout history. America, once the bastion of freedom, where people ran to get away from government and taxation, was leashed in 1913 by international banking interests. This weekend, their bastard relatives and others who apparently despise their fellow man, will gather at the same island off the coast of Georgia to celebrate 100 years of their tyranny over the world. An entire century of world wars, genocides, and other atrocities will probably some of their major cited accomplishments. That, and not allowing the human race to develop naturally as prescribed by The Creator.

Presently in 2010, every country has its own gang of thugs making sure freedom doesn't blossom. The crime families that find themselves in control of their respective countries cannot find a way to get along and share power internationally. Scapegoating and racist propaganda only works for so long and pretty soon, peoples that have been taken advantage of will want payment in tangible assets.

"Speculation is only a word covering the making of money out of the manipulation of prices, instead of supplying goods and services."

-Henry Ford (American Industrialist, 1863-1947)

Maybe the largest curtain of power in the process of being removed is the manipulation of the silver market. JP Morgan Chase is being sued in class action suit that could blow the top off the world (below: February 2010 chart where alleged manipulation occurred between Feb 3-5). Like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike, the elite has been running around trying to put out fires everywhere. Proposition 19 in California, to legalize marijuana, would have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry and eliminated a large amount of law enforcement. Arizona and Oklahoma rejected Obamacare.

And so, though many prognosticators want to say there may be tragedy in a few years, The National Pulse warns the deceleration into political and social chaos may be quicker than everybody thinks. Bernanke always said he would not monetize the debt. Now he doing it. Meanwhile the dollar has been zombie for more than two years. Couple quantitative easing #2,3 and 4 with real allegations about silver manipulation and you have got yourself one hell of a world currency crisis. Even though we know the Fed did this collapse on purpose to consolidate more power one has to wonder how they could be so stupid to go through with it.

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