Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poverty and the First Amendment

"Men use thought only as authority for their injustice and use speech to conceal their thoughts."
-Voltaire (Philosopher, 1694-1798)

Today, the Census Bureau concluded that poverty in the United States is the largest ever recorded in their 51 years of compiling data. The number of people in poverty rose by nearly 4 million, the third straight increase in as many years. The U.S. poverty rate is now the third worst among the developed nations, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Over 41 million Americans use food stamps to procure their meals. Of course, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) saw this coming a long way off in the summer of 2008 (before the credit/bank crisis) when they performed a full audit of the United States financial system. Normally, their audits are reserved for bankrupt, destitute third world nations, to which the IMF proceeds to systematically starve, impose dictators upon, and administer unrealistic loans to an already-battered populace.

Who is to blame? Last week President Obama pleaded with Americans not to turn on each other. "And I think it is absolutely important now for the overwhelming majority of the American people to hang on to that thing that is best in us, a belief in religious tolerance, clarity about who are enemies are- our enemies are Al Quaeda and their allies that are trying to kill us, but have killed more Muslims than just about anybody on Earth. We have to make sure that we don't start turning on each other." Obama has warned, like his predecessor before him, George Bush, about the danger of questioning the government's official 9/11 story, which is full of holes. The message coming from the government is to sit tight and most of all shut up while austerity measures are adopted and bankruptcy administered.

Every effort is designed to promote division between people racially or religiously while simultaneously discouraging any introspective look at government or finance. Even while Congress had over 300 co-sponsors to simply audit the privately-owned Federal Reserve System, the White House actively worked to defeat the will of the people. Again, all the act was was an audit, part of the platform of "transparency" on which Obama campaigned. What a joke!

The Powers-That-Be know they have a tiger by the tail and a huge problem with the First Amendment. Through coercion, they will try to get everybody to accept their lie as truth. One example will be their approach to the tyrannical Health Care Reform package rammed through as legislation against the will of the people. Health and Human Service Director and Bilderberg Club member Kathleen Sebelius recently wrote to health insurers explaining there will be "zero tolerance" for "misinformation" about how the health care bill probably is not the best for the health care industry. Here is the text of her letter. Not only is she and the Administration attempting to stifle free speech, she is threatening withholding business from health care insurers who disagree.

"The Framers of the Constitution knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest of enemy of tyranny."

-Justice Hugo Black (Supreme Court Justice, 1886-1971)

The Administrations war on the First Amendment is nothing new- George Bush even tried to end the First Amendment and press rights in order "to wage war successfully." Seven years later, Obama appointed Harvard University's Cass Sunstein to attack bloggers and other freelance journalists seeking the truth. This is all part of the great fear the elite have of the political awakening of the masses. IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has admitted that they (the bankers and elite) are "not safe" and that the U.S. and world are on the brink of social revolt.

What will pull the people out from under the ever oppressing poverty? Some- the elite and their minions who love their servitude- would like you to believe that being quiet about injustice and acting like a good slave should be the goal. In Ohio, some local government officials have taken it upon themselves to prohibit a Tea Party celebration of the United States Constitution. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer went on the Good Morning America show and said that globalization trumps the First Amendment of the Constitution. One mayor in suburban Chicago even went as far as to equate bloggers with terrorists who fly airplanes into buildings in their criticism of public officials. Here is an anonymous note from The National Pulse to political handjob and Mokena, IL Mayor Joe Werner who has oinked his way through life attached to the public trough- THERE IS FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA, GET OVER IT!

People can choose to accept their slavery to the banks and the fiat money system or they can have a shred of human dignity and realize the source of their oppression. It is not Muslims, bloggers, Al Quaeda, or the poor masses that are the source of economic pain. It is the oligarchic elite in conjunction with the world's royals and the Vatican that are pushing the tyranny forward. The illusion will be exposed- where we go from there is our decision. Will it be coercion and tyranny of your fellow human beings or will it be peace, sound money, and an agricultural revolution that defines the future?

It is up to you.

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