Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Freedom or Ignorance...Can't Have Both

"You either believe in freedom or you don't ."

-Congressman Ron Paul (March 10, 2010)

It really is as simple as that. As the blood-sucking behemoth of government plods forward with measure after measure designed to inhibit freedom and consolidate control, the chasm between those who believe in freedom and those who believe in government dictation is widening. Freedom lovers can see the manipulation of the Hegelian paradigm of "problem- reaction-solution" clearly. Meanwhile, others become confused by the media's manipulation of adjacent issues, created on purpose through overarching problems left unsolved by the power structure. The confusion created in some minds is easily agitated due to the severe brainwashing by a government that has explicitly warned, threatened, and coerced people to believe that without government's structure of control, the world would be a violent, horrible place.

Yet, remarkably, most Americans today falsely believe themselves to be free. The intelligent realize Americans are far from free, but the idea of freedom alone, that exists in the minds of Americans, is now creating all sorts of problems for the elite who wish to end the sovereignty of America and place the land and people under the auspices of the United Nations.

The National Pulse understands some readers will reflexively deny this to be true. They will jump up and down in disagreement to this fact as they gladly pay their property tax to their landlord. After all, the deed to their house lists them as the "tenant in common." That's right- a tenant. People in America really cannot own the land. The American serf must, just like in medieval days, pay the lord to live and that is what America has become, albeit incrementally, but nevertheless true- a large plantation constructed through legal definition for the large corporations and military industrial complex to farm and exploit.

To assess the standing of America in the world, a person could start at the funding of the revolution and trace the start of America's "special relationship" with Britain from the Treaty of Ghent to the present. America's history has been a constant struggle against British banks and others who continually in the 19th and 20th centuries employed their agents to impose a national bank on the United States. Eventually these agents infiltrated Congress and pushed though the Act of 1871 making each human being in America a corporate fiction, subject to the codes of the USA Corporation. The power to print money was seized by foreign interests in 1913, starting the U.S. on the final stretch of the road to the abyss we see in front of us now.

There are ways to get out from under the tyranny of government and overlords. Holding your breath, plugging your ears, and hoping real hard Obama will give everybody jobs are not those ways. Total rejection and non-compliance will be necessary at the right time to defeat this out-of control tyranny.

Maybe it's alright with you that the Queen controls Social Security. Maybe you think it is "interesting" that Barack Obama is not only President of the United States but also the head of the United Nations Security Council, a title in direct violation of the organic U.S. Constitution. Maybe you don't care that the privately owned Federal Reserve is shifting the wealth to other parts of the world in order to gain control through your massive suffering. What you cannot deny is that they thought you wouldn't care- they planned on it. The choice is clear- you can wallow in your prison cell of ignorance forsaking all who come after you or you can open your eyes to the ever-increasing totalitarian state which will, if not stopped and thoroughly opposed, enslave you and your family.

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