Sunday, July 25, 2010

"My Lunch Money, Again?" "No, The Internet."

"Whenever they burn books, they will, in the end, burn human beings."

-Heinrich Heine, Almansor, 1823
It is ironically funny that bullying is prominently in the news as of late. Of course, real bullying isn't funny and The National Pulse encourages every reader to stand up to bullies- especially the privately-owned Federal Reserve and the large favored corporations that exact wealth from the rigged ponzi scheme set up by the banking cartels. But no one, especially the mainstream media will talk about civil disobedience or non-compliance as a way for the people to reform the corrupt wastes of government. The bankrupt mainstream press is bound by an agreement with the elite to continue the enslavement of the world's population. Though the world financial powers cointnue to bully the entire world with wars and disasters and the perpetuation of fear, the media has been told to create an environment for which the government will be able to stifle free speech through the Internet.

The attack against bullying, as defined by the Obama Administration, is being be fought in the classrooms of elementary schools right up to the U.S. military. No arena will be spared in what they want to be a final chapter in the vast brainwashing of the people. As the U.S. Imperial Army fights in two wars in which they are losing,the White House has been keen to watch out for kids who get bullied by other kids. Obama, even with the southeastern United States facing famine and annihilation, had time to write a letter to a Philadelphia girl who agreed that bullying is bad.

Obama replied, "Bullying,...whether in person or never OK. All of us must recognize that our shared experience and our unique differences are what make this nation so special." Administration officials have been clear that they wish to impede upon free behavior as it pertains to information found on the Internet. Part of their agenda has been to promote censoring the Internet with the dying mainstream media's help of fear-mongering. The highly inept and incompetent corporate media is only concerned with highly-publicized oddball occurrences designed to bring reactionary legislation tainted with prejudice. The media decries the Internet has a "dark side," and that bloggers are "crazy" (Watch the CNN (5:55) report about what the fascists call The Scourge of Anonymity). Before CNN anchor John Roberts started talking about having a censoring "gatekeeper" to suppress "peoples' First Amendment rights and all that," he was a VJ (music video disc jockey). Before he began government consolidate totalitarian rule, he was not inside the library studying how more censorship equals more freedom, he was spinning music videos in Canada. In that segment he draws a deformed conclusion about how bloggers in totalitarian states like North Korea and Iran have to be anonymous. That is why in America there needs to be more or any restriction?!
See, in today's world, you are crazy if you want the truth. The dinosaurs of the old media who brought the masses into the last half of the 20th century became enamored with 'celebrity.' And when Congress, the White House, and all the alphabet agencies told them, "GET THE FUCK OUT!" they ran away with their tails between their legs, content to spend the rest of their lives in monetary luxury- reward for all the lies they told and people they helped pimp in the name of the military industrial complex. Here is Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw, two prominent "journalists," discussing about how they don't know anything. Not only do they not know, they really don't think it is worth the effort to find out. They are espousing a common view held by both free men and slaves- the myth that there exists a more educated class that can make government operate efficiently if "given the right resources." And, the media- the media is equally scared to death about the truth coming out because no one will listen to their tired myths about fake terrorism, banker protection, and justifying illegal wars and the criminals who perpetrate them. This is why their members are invited to the Bilderberg Club meetings. The media elite receive their marching orders to twist truth and spin the public a certain way. It would have been nice had the mainstream press devoted as much energy to the truth in the run up to the Iraq invasion. It was even widespread knowledge that planning for the invasion of Iraq had began long before the attacks of 9/11. Yet the complicit mainstream media said nothing and beat the drum for war.

While they agree about the unbelievable capability and potential of the Internet, mainstream media, a dying economic force, is losing control of the debate. The attack on the Internet is an excellent example of a dying monarch's whine. As they attack the Internet the arguments are filled with venom because they are so panicked about the consciousness of the people developing. Here is Sen. Jay Rockefeller telling all his subjects that the "Internet should have never existed." Listen how he compares cyber security not only as a "global" threat from China or otherwise, but how a "Latvian kid" could be bullied somewhere in cyberspace.

"We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."

-John F. Kennedy

So which will it be? Will some foreign force like China use the Internet to somehow take freedom away worse than the traitorous officials in the U.S. government? Harry Reid thinks people need a ruling class to decide what is best. Here he is telling a blogger convention how
much the people need Reid and his cronies, who can only be described as tyrants ruling without the consent of the people, as they intellectually battle the "myths" of the Tea Party on the Internet. Reid also thinks that paying taxes is "voluntary."

Or will they try to ridiculously try to curtail all freedom because of a few low intelligence Americans with a web cam? The mainstream press has seized upon every oddball story to capitalize on censoring the Internet and bloggers. When 11 year-old Jesse Slaughter voiced a pre-adolescent rant on YouTube, many found a chance to laugh and antagonize her youthful stupidity. It would be difficult to find a teenager who would not find it funny when the toothless dad said that he "back-traced it," on one knee in front of the web cam. The National Pulse's favorite is this remix, since this guy hasn't taken his 11-year old daughter's computer yet. Watch out- this guy is going to get the "cyber police" after you. "You lyin' bunch of pricks!" Now if you found that guy a little intimidating, similarly, Randy Macho Man Savage was going insane on YouTube a long time before this guy's eleven year-old daughter started posting herself talking garbage on the Internet. Savage never tried to "back-trace" anything detrimental said about him or the "Lovely" Elizabeth. He, too, understood the rage made to erupt by adversaries.

The establishment is obviously desperately distraught at the prospect of losing the debate about the pervasive statism that has evolved, culminating with the bank bailouts and health care reform legislation which bound even closer every man, woman, and child born in the United States to the privately and foreign owned Federal Reserve. No recent exchange illustrates this theory of statist ideology better than when Sen. Tom Coburn asks Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan the extent of the Commerce Clause and essentially the government mandate of health care. Nominee Elena Kagan says it all when she declines to say if the government has the right to tell Americans what to eat. Is it really surprising that Kagan would favor putting the First Amendment rights of Americans in the hands of FCC bureacrats?

Americans would be well served to break away from listening to the mainstream media. The media is as mortgaged to the New World Order as any bank cartel or royal. In this zero-sum game, the only respite from tyranny can be found in cyberspace. So pervasive has the tyranny become in the press, at this late stage, media organs are losing the ability to drown arguments out by sheer volume. The only way they can compete is through severe violation of human rights and oppression.

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