Friday, July 30, 2010

Better Than Expected

"The consumers suffer when the laws of the country prevent the most efficient entrpeneurs from expanding their sphere of their activites. What made some enterprises develop into big business was precisely their success in filling best the demand of the masses."

-Ludwig von Mises, Economist, from Planned Chaos

The end result of a manipulated economy results in severe imbalances. Central bankers rely on peoples' greed to keep their myth alive. The manipulation of interest rates and prices inevitably results in drastic inequality , creating an ever-widening separation between the very few rich and the vast majority of poor. A major part of the Obama Administration's job has been to gloss over this crucially important fact about the privately-owned Federal Reserve- their independence is the major reason for the illegal wars, financial terrorism, the drug trade, and the pervasive statism that has swept over the psyche of Americans.

So complete is the control, the Fed is prepared to use all of its power, which is considerable, to hide and suppress the mere question that their independence be threatened. As Ron Paul points out, their independence keeps secrets from the American people. This results in untold harm to America's standard of living and has put them in great jeopardy.

The translation of the monetary policy into objects of control has long been a subject of much contention between so-called "conspiracy theorists" and the unquestioning masses of servants hypnotized by the brainwashing media of the New World Order. People just can't figure out why nothing improves, for instance, in the black neighborhoods of urban areas. Even on Chicago's southeast side, where Obama himself was a "community organizer," it seems nothing can help stop young men from killing each other. Recently, 13 -year old Robert Freeman was shot 22 times near 115th and Perry in what police describe as a case of mistaken identity. Neighbor Cola Townsend, 80, described what she saw, "the boy was lying there in the street and ten little kids in white T-shirts were running away as the cops arrived." Though Mrs. Townsend cannot remember when it has been so bad in her neighborhood, the truth is that young black men have been murdering each other relentlessly for generations. This self-loathing, hateful behavior has been encouraged and glorified in the movie and music industry- all closely funded and strictly guarded by the moneyed powers.

In the violent urban areas, the manipulated prices created by the phony war on drugs has created a violent atmosphere. Year after year this created brand of hopelessness is perpetuated by the Powers-That-Be in the attempt to thwart growth for the poverty-stricken masses.Instead of providing a playing field conducive for upward mobility, the Fed's debt slavery, paper money game has severely constricted the opportunities for black youth to escape the recurring cycle of violence. In fact, under the guise of help the Fed with the help of lawmakers are happy to fund even worse solutions to the problem, which of course, will never come close to being corrected without fundamental reforms. Yesterday, in what was supposed to be a meeting about anti-violence erupted in just that. Government sponsored programs like CeaseFire will never work. Paying gang members for information about what is going to happen next only perpetuates the problems. It rewards gang-banging and provides "Old G's" with a chance to make a living in retirement.

With more than $2.2 million available, competition for these funds is high in 2010. The arbitrary nature of the Fed's fiat money system, where the government picks and chooses who wins and who loses, promotes immorality and perpetuates violence. Spike Moss (in the video at bottom of link) is right. There is something seriously wrong, however, and The National Pulse is not sure it is the young men who should receive the majority of the blame. The system is set up to promote moral degradation and self-hatred. This results in a culture that promotes retaliation and rampant violence.

So it shouldn't surprise anybody when an internal Army report uncovered an amazing amount of gang members in the U.S. corporate military. According to an interview given to him by a Wisconsin corrections official, the numbers of gang members in the military are "scary." Let's do the math: The U.S. military is fighting two losing wars. A major part of their operations have been to train new forces for combat. Over the made-up, 10-year war against "terrorism," standards in the armed forces have changed. The military's bar was lowered quite a bit. All they know is the sick and twisted Rules of Engagement of the tyrannical Bush Administration. Some of these new forces are gang members whose enlistment is to them is a wise career move. Many now are returning to the states with hardened battle knowledge and effective tactics. In fact: in the southwest, where drug cartels enjoy complete autonomy to enforce their will with an extremely scary cold-bloodedness, police have started to see tactics that resemble Al-Quaeda. All of this behavior on both sides of the war is funded by the same people. As the U.S., at the highest levels, try and bribe the clans of the Kashmir region,the Fed's monetary policy is able to, in a sense, fund their evil wishes by making life at home a struggle against debt and low standard of life. This all easily accomplished by strangling the economy through a number of means but what ultimately is currency debasement. Could this be why America's military is mostly made up of the poor and disadvantaged youth , young people who who normally have little hope of success in the Illuminati pyramid scheme based on lies?

So then, is it really outrageous to see music starlet Beyonce pose as a harlot and be marketed to little American girls? The brainwash is everywhere, a sickness brought about by societal structure, which bases its authority on an arbitrarily constructed system of ranking and privilege. Those with the Federal Reserve's debt notes are worshipped and those without laughed at and scorned. The attacks are subliminal and deliberate and have so far achieved their ends. Hate and social chaos, the desired effects, are reigning triumphant. Though the Army is hopeful its "anti-suicide campaign" will improve the situation, chances are, until the Army ENDS THE WAR, Army suicides will continue to rise.

This is the pathology of an immoral, murdering empire. Each day that the revelations of the public's enslavement by monetary policy receive attention, the more the structure of power is crumbling. Finally people are realizing the diabolical nature of the elite who are in control of monetary policy. It is not surprising to see the number of bank robberies go up. People pushed to the limit have nothing to lose. In Chicago, there has already been 103 bank robberies. Last year there were 209 in the whole year.

Monetary policy control must be taken away from the elite financial powers determined to destroy 90% of the world's population in order to control the whole world.

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