Monday, August 2, 2010

Why The Control Freaks Are So Afraid

"Our land is more valuable than your money. It will last forever. It will not even perish by the flames of fire. As long as the sun shines and the waters flow, this land will be here to give life to men and animals. We cannot sell the lives of men and animals. It was put here by the Great Spirit and we cannot sell it becasue it does not belong to us."

- Crowfoot, Blackfoot tribe

In the American West during the last half of the nineteenth century, large tracts of land still remained wild and free. Railroads had barely tamed the land and the buffalo still roamed giant swaths of the prairies. Indians still lived their natural nomadic life, living on the Great Plains (Click here for in-depth map of tribal homelands). Despite numerous victorious, bloody encounters with white settlers and soldiers, by the late 1880's, the U.S. Government had managed to corral most American Indians to reservations. Under the government's thumb, Indians were administered shoddy rations and treated like prisoners of war. Like any sentient being out of their natural habitat, Indians looked into their souls for guidance.

In early 1889, a Paiute shaman (medicine man) Wovoka, had a vision during an eclipse of the sun in which he envisioned an apocalyptic vision for the world and a second coming of Christ. Word spread throughout the desperate Indian-speaking world like wildfire. The prophecy foretold of a situation where white people would be buried under the soil of a new spring. The earth would be restored to its natural beauty, with healthy buffalo, and all Indians, the living and the dead, would return to the land. The new religion was a hybrid of native American shamanism and Christianity.

Government Indian agents became very worried that this ghost be a war dance. Sitting Bull was arrested on Dec. 15 and then the government massacred Indians at Wounded Knee, South Dakota on December 29.
A video of these Indians dancing in 1894, shot by inventor Thomas Edison, reveals insight to the power generated by a ghost dance. It was different than that of the Buffalo Dance which was performed in more of a particular bent-over crouch, accompanied by specific steps. The ghost dance would have probably been performed in a more upright position, characterized by high steps and a distinct circling of all dancers. Ghost dancers would often dance all night and pass out in fits of exhaustion and visions (at left: a ghost dancing shirt which could protect one from bullets). Nobody was ever filmed in a ghost dance, but here is some more of Edison's footage of an Indian dance.

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation."

- David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

About 115 years and many moons have passed yet the Illuminati powers that control the financial system still operate using the same tactics. They have forced themselves upon the peoples' of the world, extorted their lands and enslaved them through taxation. Regulation and license have helped them, through puppet governments, incrementally create a citizen class of voluntary servants. It is a ball that once it gets rolling ultimately results in eugenic euthanasia. To convince the masses that, in fact, their own existence is the problem is all that is needed to justify the systematic killing of all people.

At about the time the U.S. was forfeiting gold's peg to the dollar, John Todd was having a revelation. Todd had been born into a high strata in the Illuminati's pyramid. He explains everything here. Todd gave a few interviews in the early 1970's before he was imprisoned, drugged, and disappeared.

Control of the power to print currency has bastardized all human life, physically and spiritually. Powerful evil forces lead the music industry with the sole purpose of stifling and controlling the spiritual well-being of society. Listen to John Todd talk about his time as management president of Zodiac Productions and the infusion of witchcraft on every single album produced by the record industry.

The capitulation of the soul in exchange for success in the music industry is something stars have not been shy about. Soul-less individuals have agreed to be loyal to the system of fiat money supplied by their human master. In this way they allow producers final cut on their record to provide any finishing touches required by their evil agenda. Here is 1960's icon, Bob Dylan, who wrote an unbelievable amount of insightful material during the volatile 60's, admitting to his deal long ago to a dark commander. Today, artists freely admit that, in order to get that big break, their morals were completely compromised by some dark force, which would, in return make them famous. Here is the apparently sweet Katy Perry consenting her soul for like, so many Federal Reserve Debt notes and like, free hotels on the summer tour.

The energy created by music is well-known and can cause changes in mass consciousness. Rhythms and energy transferred throughout the atmosphere have to be intercepted and changed in order for the manipulators to remain in control. In the desolate world of corporate music, Satanists, all friend in the paper money system dominate the publicity and radio air waves. Rappers Jay-Z, wife Beyonce Knowles, and Kanye West are committed to the money printers because those evil forces have made their earthly riches unlimited in return for their acquiescence and complicity.

It is obvious by the blatant symbols embedded in lyrics and videos, the evil forces are most frightening of mass awakenings of love. A renaissance of brotherhood; a joining of the forces of good is expressly forbidden, else the powerful lose their grasp on peoples' psyche. This is why, even with advances in technology, the mainstream media organs are pushing to overtly drug the water supplies for the purposes of to pacifying and killing human beings. This could be why federal officials are so fervently outlawing marijuana and organic food. Healthier humans are more difficult to control.

It is easy to hate the main manipulators who subject humanity to cruelty and yet still claim to be "saving the world." However, what they do not expect is for people to see beyond their facade of control. Love has always been the answer to defeat the diabolical nature of the globalist agenda.

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