Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Breakup of the United States Part 1

"The dollar is not secured by anything. The country's foreign debt has grown like an avalanche, even though in the early 1980s, there was no debt. By 1998, when I first made my prediction, it had exceeded $2 trillion. Now it is more than $11 trillion. This is a pyramid that can only collapse."

-Russian Professor Igor Panarin on the breakup of the United States of America, November, 2008)

The New World Order never intended the United States of America to survive. The military giant was merely the engine through which the world would become subservient to the taxing forces of totalitarian government. Gradually these truths are being exposed. The economic collapse has exacerbated the need for transparency regarding the bankruptcy of the corporations that make up the states, counties, and municipalities of America. Across the U.S.A., services and sources of revenue are being farmed out in the fire sale of the United States. According to Panarin, the U.S. breakup would fall into six parts (see below).

The National Pulse sees the break up occurring much differently. No doubt, secession will occur. Whether or not people can admit it, President Obama has been hired on by the elite to facilitate, what amounts to, the breakup of the United States. His overt deference to the United Nations should be a giant slap in the face to people who recognize America as the dream of freedom envisioned by the founding Fathers. Whether it be standing limp-wristed to listen to the national anthem, throwing a girlie pitch, bowing before foreign leaders and royalty, or siding with Mexican President Calderon against the citizens of Arizona, Obama has led the elite march to tyranny over the people who live in what used to be the United States of America. Obama was chosen to be the lightning rod, but also an example for brainwashed America to learn how to behave in the New World Order. The irony of a black man rising through the bureaucratic ranks of a government which used to enslave Africans, only to complete the handover of humanity through the consolidation of voluntary servitude is just another example of the diabolical ruthlessness of the elite.

As the Fed strangles the economy, deals are being made at the highest levels. Spheres of influence are being changed. In the corporate world, where countries and human beings cease exist, all power is traced back to the military capability and the riches that support that capability. Nowhere is the inability to provide adequate services more apparent than problems arising in law enforcement. The recession has made some towns reassess their finances. Maywood, California, outsourced all their city jobs. Lucky for the interviewed Andrew Quezada, the police were nice when they stopped him for absolutely nothing but "looking suspicious."

Other stories aren't any less confusing nor frightening. Oakland, California is faced with sever budgetary problems beneath smoldering racial tensions. This summer already, riots have broken out over the verdict regarding shooting of a man in the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). The cop, Johannes Mehserle, was convicted of the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter and Oakland residents tore up the streets and took a bunch of stuff from Foot Locker. Inundated with racial banter and antagonistic reporting by the mainstream media, the situation has grown so bad in Oakland that police have stopped responding to calls. Police Chief Anthony Batts listed 44 crimes that, if they happen to you, you should file a form online.

In Chicago, Mayor Daley is under pressure from Washington to either get with the New World Order's plan for Chicago, or get out of the way. In April, Rahm Emanuel announced his wish to become mayor of Chicago. After Chicago's failing bid for the Olympics, failure in the educational boondoggle, the "Race To The Top," and a huge defeat in the historic landmark ruling by the Supreme Court, the political forces would likely want to handpick the next person in charge of Chicago. For the elite interests, it is now obvious Richard Daley, or his chosen successor, will not be allowed to survive politically in Chicago. Daley's failure to effectively execute the script of the New World's Order police state in the "City of Big Shoulders," has sealed his fate to become the ex-Mayor of the city of Chicago. Besides, Daley and the city sold out a long time ago and not even that is working anymore. It is unlikely Emanuel was joking about becoming mayor of Chicago since the urban area of Chicago's Loop, must be retained by the financial elite. They may not have enough security to harass the entire Midwest, but they will own Chicago. Daley's worn-out attempt to convince people that they should surrender their personal security to Daley and his policemen is laughable. When Obama rose through the Chicago Democratic machine with Daley's reluctant support, forces were already in motion to end Daley's reign and secure USA Corporation's grip on Chicago. When ex-police chief Phil Cline (right)was forced out because of the whims of the Olympic Committee, ex-FBI Jody Weis was recommended to Daley as the first outsider in 50 years to be named top cop. It has been a slow warming up period for Chicago cops and Weis, especially now as violence escalates and new officers are hired.

Where will these officers come from? Surely they won't be rookies straight out of the Academy. Will they assume leadership duties within the Department?

This past week, Daley's bodyguard was killed at around 6 a.m. out in front of his own house, and Daley was forced to hire 100 new police officers. Taking too long, Daley's move to seize the had reached an impasse with the upholding of the Constitution by the Supreme Court. Neighborhoods have been unusually violence all year, all over Chicago, with over 200 people dying violently this year already. Illinois legislators have called for the National Guard to come in and police Chicago's streets. Following the murder of the mayor's bodyguard, a email sent by unknown persons vowed "ambushes" every night in the Chatham neighborhood. Clearly in Chicago and all over the country, a new regime is being ushered in to enforce Obama's economic "change."

Corporations, that control entire swaths of the country are on the precipice of having to declare the American people as "insurgents." As more and more services are farmed out, the less and less respect American citizens exhibit toward what in the past were public services. Just last month, Chicago played host to an assortment of simulated disasters, designed to train troops, some of them foreign, how to, for example, take on "American terrorists." No doubt this new breed of cop is more career soldier than human being. For money theses mercenaries are hired by a private corporation desiring to enforce their will in a foreign land. So-called Americans forget how to be empathetic when the mainstream media fires at them a steady diet of propaganda in shows like 24. Somehow, even though they reside in relative squalor and constant debt, many "regular Americans" as the Administration calls them when they dole out unemployment benefits, can see no parallels with those being persecuted in Iraq or Afghanistan. The propaganda makes everybody scared witless of the worst in mankind; promoting tattling and backbiting for the controlled scraps provided by a donating ruler. Meanwhile the clerks and bureaucrats, and citizens who condone the behavior by the military and their tax dollars will never see it coming when the guns are eventually trained on them.

Americans would be well served to recall what happened in Fallujah, Iraq about a year after the initial "Shock and Awe" invasion. Private security contractors from Blackwater, mercenaries paid by the U.S. Department of Defense, rolled through the streets of Fallujah, they were assassinated with grenades thrown into their car. Their bodies were seized from their burning automobile and dragged through the streets until the crowd hung the charred bodies on a bridge over the Euphrates River. The ensuing siege by the American forces violated every promise made to the American people about how the war would be prosecuted.

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