Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Fix Is Always the Worst

The faithful readers of The National Pulse, whose are forever waiting for harbingers of a brighter future for the world are falling out of patience in using coincidence as a excuse for failures that happen time and time again. They are exasperated by saying, "Well, yes, its bad but its why do we have to this next thing that takes away freedom and deliberately violates the Constitution?" Each time an alleged "catastrophe" occurs the further America slides away from the Constitution and the further it descends into tyranny. Because when the "crises" become the impetus to, in haste, remedy the situation, the fixes are totalitarian, anti-individual, and oppressive. The perpetrators, hiding under the guise of "protectors" reload with another batch of measures that curtails freedom and simultaneously consolidates their power.

So many devoted readers of The National Pulse have asked about the chaotic situation unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama compared the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon to the orchestrated attacks of 911. This not so strange really, because this calamity, is fully understood by the military industrial complex and global corporations pushing for a global price on carbon, as likely a false flag attack. The moneyed powers understand the stakes and never hesitate to use human life as means to an end. Meanwhile the public is forced to suffer spectacular emotional distress and the people who live in the Gulf are forced to endure unspeakable pain. While British Petroleum claims it was an accident due to negligence, wise people aren't too sure. For years the large oil companies, led by BP, worked feverishly to institute a tax on carbon, and now as the economy crashes, an ecological disaster of Biblical proportions happens? Then Obama apparently is punishing BP by making them unfettered access to the Gulf? And Obama has refused all help from 13 countries that offered their assistance in what threatens all life in the region? Are we really supposed to believe that elites like Tony Hayward and Obama care about the "small people" as Hayward goes yachting and Obama is in Toronto on bended knee trying to salvage a new economic order for his masters? The White House has since mocked the CEO of BP's recent behavior but Obama was just as "on vacation" attending a baseball game on Friday and golfing on Saturday as sea turtles and other marine wildlife are being extincted by the nonstop methane leak. You see, too much methane gas affects marine life like hearing about Orwellian "success" affects American warlords. They get sick and pass out.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch or the system created by Walter Lippmann cannot be trusted to give the real story because men such as themselves are fully invested; they have bet the farm on the New World Order. They are hoping beyond all hope Americans are as dumb as they think and won't read pages like The National Pulse and know the charade is up. The goose is cooked. The sham is apparent. The plan was diabolical enough, the players just were not fast enough. Just like a boring World Cup football game, so loved by the globalists, at the midfield line with the score "tied" 0-0. Amazingly, as the plot is being played out before their eyes, the people are still, inexplicably, having a hard time putting the pieces together and conclusively admit that they are actually the target, and not an innocent suffering an accident. At this late stage, one is reminded of Marlon Brando in the 1972 classic, The Godfather when Don Corleone (Brando) meets with the heads of all the crime families after the death of his eldest son, Sonny (James Caan).

Corleone talks about vengeance. At this late stage, as the decaying elite tries to complete the New World Order, what is needed is not vengeance but a resolute intelligence to make sure this sort of usurpation of humanity will never again be tolerated by the people in the governance of themselves. The time has past when the citizenship could rely on the Congress or anybody to make the right decision about how to fix the unholy alliance of banks, oil companies, legality, political and ecclesiastical power. Congress has become nothing more than the pimp of the American people; making a show of opposition and always knuckling under to the oppressive Federal Reserve. Disgusting parasites like Barney Frank who perpetually live in the gutter of filth are trying their best to give away what is left of the sovereignty of the United States. Realize that the monetary system is the key way the elite use peoples' priorities against them and manipulate them to no end. Staunch advocates of freedom realize the true path toward peaceful autonomy will be through non-compliant civil disobedience. Jumping up and down and stamping feet in Washington D.C. or wherever, is not the way to defeat the eugenics programs the large companies have decided are suitable for America. Protests can be valuable to spur public opinion, however, in today's multi-faceted totalitarian attack, a strong turn away from the corporate powers will be the only way to defeat them. Reject their help Government's offering of help or "saving the day" IS the problem.

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