Friday, June 25, 2010

Vulgarity and Monetary Policy

"Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul."

- Mark Twain

The globalist corporate entities, panicked with defeat after defeat are about to make their next mistake in trying to realize a world economy through the coercion of the American people. Whatever action undertaken by the corporate interests to consolidate power with a new currency or new regulation through the introduction of a technological cashless society will fail again this weekend at the G20 in Toronto. Political heads of corporation nation-states will meet in the Canadian city this weekend, causing all sorts of delays and detours to personal freedoms. In discussions of the G20 meeting will be review of the dollar as reserve currency of the world .

More specifically, however, will be the discussion of the reserve currency that will have to be introduced to set prices around the world; as if this could possibly be just and impartial. The dollar is doomed. The promises of bailouts backstopping can only go so far until the central bankers will be forced to monetize the debt. So, instead of just promising billions of dollars, the Fed will be forced to actually run the printing press and create the paper. This is why they have had to manipulate the price of gold and silver in London- to keep the promise of intrinsic worth; faith in a fiat currency.

The global elite have been stymied trying to pick the correct moment to actually try to introduce the one-world currency which would finally nullify the Constitution and place the American public under the yoke of the United Nations. Preliminary partnerships have been in place for years, of course, but the actual seizure of power over Americans' everyday lives has yet to occur by the world-usurping United Nations. Initiatives to seize firearms, land and water have been oft dreamed about measures by the tyrannical "world citizens" but have failed to come to fruition. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev was in Washington with Obama yesterday to discuss using the fake gold coin bearing the inscription "Unity and Diversity."

This measure by the banker corporate war profiteers will, of course, backfire in their face as they are completely detached from reality as to what the American person knows and what their reaction will be to the austerity measures they have planned. The elite are naive to believe they have the necessary measures in place to control what ultimately will result in massive bank runs around the country and civil unrest.

"When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often suprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare the timid adventurers."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Obama and the rest think they are cute; continually lying to the public and trying to "(expletive deleted) them out of their money in order to accept his master's idea for a global tyrannical slave state. The financial regulation bill that was passed late last night in the steamed up room led by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank gave the Federal Reserve the right to look into personal bank accounts. This is an unprecedented move toward tightening the bond between slave and master in recently recorded history.

But the reaction will not be what they expect. Too many variables; too many different kinds of people in all different types of professions. By driving the world into all sorts of chaos with weather manipulation, seed modification, and deliberate fluoridation of the water supply, they can bet on subduing a percentage of the population. Others will never submit. As best The National Pulse can explain it in 20th Century pop culture terminology, the movie Casino (1995), directed by Martin Scorsese, exhibits the attitude and some of the anger that will be the American peoples' anger if the Fed continues to steal purchasing power. The movie stars Robert de Niro as Sam Rothstein, a Jewish casino owner, whose talent was so respected as a spread maker, the Italian Mafia hired him to run their casino in the Las Vegas. Joe Pesci plays Nicky Santoro, a short, tough guy from New York who becomes the Old Mustaches' "man to run things out West."

In the movie, Robert de Niro, as narrator, explains the willingness toward violence of Santoro as an example of their friendship and of Nicky's psychosis. After Nicky brutally stabs another bar patron in the neck for being rude to Sam Rothstein (whom Nicky calls Ace), de Niro explains, "In the time I was trying to figure out why the guy was saying what he was saying, Nicky just hit him. No matter how big a guy might be, Nicky would take him on. You beat Nicky with fists, he comes back with a bat; you beat him with a knife....he comes back with a gun. And if you beat him with a gun, you better kill him, cause he'll keep comin' back, and back, until one of you is dead."

In the movie, the Tangiers Casino operates under the protection of the Federal Reserve System from who they have a license to steal as long as they kick up. The Mafia protects their interests (plus a little more) and the government steals the rest. Everybody is stealing from everybody. In a way, Nicky's violent and fiercely independent nature is a direct product of the society purposefully constructed by an arbitrary monetary policy. In today's world, one day the strangulation of the economy by the banks will reach a boiling point. There will be no more excuses and rock bottom will hit. No one will be sure (because of all the economic disinformation trumpeted over and over by the mainstream media) who was at fault. Yet, a few will know what happened and until the correct measures are taken to restore America's Constitutional economic rights, chaos will ensue. Until then, the Fed will have to deal with Americans who have been born to live a made-up life full of excess, where rules have no bearing to the experienced.
Asking to borrow more from the Fed window will seem an insult to human beings around the world. This time, though, the money people have earned and is already "safely in banks" vaults, won't even be worth as much if they get it out at all. And then, when everybody is scrambling for capital and worth, the banking interests will tell the American people their credit has run out and they need to work harder, sacrifice more. Even though the money is fake, no credit will be passed out. The National Pulse can only agree with Nicky, that in a situation where the rules are so skewed; everybody has to cheat in order to survive. In this scene, Nicky tells the new dealer, "If you had any (expl. deleted ) heart at all, you'd be stealing for a (expl. deleted) living!" Watch the scene in Rothstein's casino where Nicky (Joe Pesci) wants more credit and gives everybody in the joint an earful.

The truth is, the world is terribly disjointed and everybody is caught up in a fraudulent system. Each day that passes, the nation is plunging itself into corrective measures that will more and more painful. In the Fed's pyramid, ponzi scheme, everyone has to kick up to financial masters built into the pyramid structure of the Illumined-elite who are determined to make a New World Order. The fiat money system was sustainable for decades even generations. However, the bills have come due. The American people are caught up in the middle between the tyrannical regime over-seeing all business, and still encumbered by the demands of entrepreneurship. Peaceful people, people employed by the businesses, are also involved as they have to watch the injustice which is always followed by violence. America's destiny lay in what path both parties pledge to work toward. Will it be the desires of insolvent banks issuing a worthless currency that wins the day? Or will it be the determination and self-reliance of all Americans that witnesses a revival unheard of since the days of the American Revolution?
In this scene, Nicky tells a banker what he could expect from him tomorrow morning if he doesn't get his money. What Nicky tells the banker is meant for Ace, the casino owner (who is also present), as well as the banker. Nicky wants everybody to know exactly what he means when he talks about his right to live. This is an interesting scene because Pesci is so matter-of-fact. When the banker says, "Listen, Nicky... we talked about this. And, uh, I explained to you there was a possibility that you might have to take some kind of loss." Watch for Nicky's calm, cool response here.

Reality is not Hollywood and most people will not react like the the character of Nicky Santoro. However, everybody has a line in the sand where enough becomes enough. The National Pulse recognizes the breaking point coming faster each day for a growing number of people. We reserve the right to voice our opinions about anything including the illegitimate Kenyan in the White House. We will continue to question the events of 911 even though Obama warned us not to. He can pack the Supreme Court with all kinds of totalitarian lesbians if he wants. He can threaten to kill the Internet because his ideas cannot compete with the truth. The monetary policy created by the moneyed powers will only get them so far in manipulating everbody's freedom. This page will not surrender to the tyrannical forces of the United Nations.

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