Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer's Here.....Travel Season

"You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks."

-Eskimo Proverb

During The National Pulse's sabbatical, summer's arrival has been greeted with an onslaught of almost-always tragic news. The good news delivered by the corporate media, is meticulously scavenged and processed painstakingly for social conditioning purposes, and is so skewed in kind of fundamental absurdity that it often leaves a quiet sadness for the consumer. Whether it be the seemingly unstoppable calamity in the Gulf of Mexico or the un-Constitutional illegal wars raging in the Middle East, the past month has seen the Empire in rapid, furious decline. We are witnessing sold souls selling each other out. All of a sudden a cast of characters, power brokers in all sorts of perpetual evil and chaos, informed or not, are being thrust into the cross-hairs of the dying and panicking elite corporate world and the their phony monetary system that bases its economic laws on bias, aggression, and manipulation. Without the arbitrary nature in monetary policy; of a finite, arbitrary currency, unlike the Federal Reserve's which prints money from thin air, winners and losers are pre-chosen, their destinies set into their roles of the Illuminati pyramid structure not by accident, but by design. If a person could control the monetary system and thus, everything within its sphere of influence, it wouldn't make sense to tolerate any rivals. However, the cleverest of the elite know, however, that control of the argument is just as effectively evil, because it can retard true constructive reform and allow the planned tyranny to exist and be perpetuated long enough to survive and grow. Over a long enough time frame even the one-eyed man can keep control, in the land of the blind. Or can he? Each false flag successfully achieved, each civilian brazenly shot in the Middle East, each drug cartel member murdered are in many ways, a product of the climate created by monetary policy.

Or maybe aome in the system still do not understand the stakes, or to which ends is the fruits of their labor. At The National Pulse, at this last stage, its hard to imagine any high level official completely ignorant of what is being done and what is at stake. Such could be the situation with the sudden and unexpected resignation of the White House Director of the Budget, Peter Orszag. Faced with an over $13 trillion dollar budget with no end in sight, maybe the bespectacled geek, as described by some, quite possibly is trying to cut his losses and stay hot. He thinks he may be one nerd finding his way to dry land before the ship sank. Despite his unsound Keynesian economic theories, eventually his ideas were exposed to be the flowery language of government that only begs for control through coercion and force. Here is Orszag with Charlie Rose explaining how a government-run health care system, that depends on taxation to exist, would be the necessary provider of "competition" in the health care market place. Falsely, this theory suggests that a government health care system would be beneficial to private industry by providing what The National Pulse can only describes as government's idea of private industry "accepting the perfect amount of burden (taxation) for the perfect government officials to make the perfect decisions which will insure the public welfare because the people are so perfectly stupid to do so for themselves." The end result of dangerous economic ideas such as this is a form of tyranny that only a lifelong government bureaucrat could purport as acceptable economic thought. This government-oriented idea, as it pertains to macroeconomics, is so fundamentally wrong and tyrannical, Orszag it is quite possible Orszag has been play acting this whole time in the Washington politically-infused version of Hollywood drama.

The story of Peter Orszag is an interesting because Orszag's only talent was having no talent at all. Orszag is a product of the elite's best educational facilities. He went to Exeter Academy for high school, graduated from Princeton in 1991, and in a flurry of snobbishness, the London School of Economics. As the final push for the totalitarian agenda a came in 2007 with the beginning of Obama's run for President, Orszag's life began to change. He had been married in 1997 to Cameron Kennedy with whom he has two children. His divorce and subsequent money fights began in 2006 when Orszag refuse the demanded settlement payment.

After all, he ditched his wife and kids for the daughter of a greek shipping magnate, Claire Milonas. After Claire was three months with child, riding the increasing wave of Obama defeats in December of 2009, Orszag met Bryanna Golodryga. Cocktail parties and benefits with Hollywood elite proved to be a fruitful world for a nerdy swinger like Orszag. The decadence was more than evident. With the utter failure of the world climate conference in Copenhagen, the disgrace of Al Gore, the climate route to tyranny was dealt a terrific blow. The Obama Administration in typical fashion, continued to parrot their falsely altruistic Communist agenda in the face or not only opposition but a burgeoning enlightenment which they obviously and seriously fail to understand. Late in 2009, when he met the ABC T.V. hot little vixen (she is a sucker for math whizzes who repeatedly get the answer wrong, apparently), the stakes were high but, for Orszag, Budget Director was still a great job to have to meet all sorts of hot chicks that would never be with him if he did not work the tyranny of the Federal government. You see, in Washington, everyone is part of the power-broking game created by the Fed's fiat money system. Though the corporate media would like you to believe the opposition is real, most everything that happens is for show and most of it is criminal. Oil lobbyists have wild sex parties with Congressman and staffers. The press meet romantically, and some members of government are married to members of the press. Some are republican and some are democrat. But their are all dependent of the same government funding through taxation. No one, in Washington is especially determined to point out the frailties of the other because they are all part of the same taxing beast of the Federal government. All complicit sides of the out-of-control federal government understand the tide of ruination could turn on them real quick. See, the key for supporters of tyranny, government bureaucrats, is being able to stand together while they make others steal money for them.

Now its the middle of 2010 and there is no end the financial troubles in sight. Insubordination exists now at the highest levels because the situation is so dire. In explaining why General McChrystal was asked to resign his post as commander of Afghanistan, Obama was forced to cite the importance of war as a reason for moving forward with the debacle of fighting an apparition in Afghanistan.

General McChrystal, the general famous for covering up Arizona football star Pat Tillman's friendly fire death on grounds it may have "hurt the President (at the time George W. Bush)," was recently featured in a scathing article about McChrystal the man, his success on the battle field, and the idiotic culture that fuels the last dregs of modern day aggressors. Men like McChrystal have been born into a military culture; McChrystal is the son of a two-star general that served in wars in Korea and Vietnam. Today, he too, has joined the majority of people who agree the unpopular illegal war in Afghanistan should be stopped.

"It's not going to look like a win, smell like a win or taste like a win. This is going to end in an argument."

Maj. Gen. Bill Mayville, Chief of Operations for General Stanley McChrystal (on the chances of winning the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan to Rolling Stone Magazine)

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