Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Commemoration

"Laws and class priveleges are transmitted like an hereditary disease."

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Labor's universal holiday is May 1. Often May 1, Labor Day, is associated with an incident that took place in Chicago in 1886.
The Haymarket Riot, or more appropriate, the "Haymarket Bomb or Bombing." Historical accounts of this incident vary greatly. Too often, people become confused by the labels of anarchist, socialist, capitalist, or any other description used to pigeon-hole human beings. The truth is, just like the situation in 1886, relationships between corporations and human beings' right to freedom are no different today. Severe injustice is in existence today, with a totalitarian mix of businesses that control law enforcement and the judicial system, and the major press organ- hence public opinion. Public opinion is used, between public-private partnerships, to breed fear.

In 1886, the push for worker's rights had finally reached a critical mass. It had not been easy for the tradesmen. For years, employers had been able to force their employees to accept an workday that was a mandated 10-12 hours. In 1880's Chicago, the businessmen that dominated the scene were
Philip Armour (food processing, meatpacking), John Cuday (speculator), Cyrus McCormick (pictured at left; agricultural machine manufacturer), George Pullman (railroads), Richard Crane (plumbing supply manufacturer), and Potter Palmer (business, real estate). Many of these "Patricians of Chicago" names still occupy some neighborhoods, public high schools, and streets of Chicago today.

Haymarket remains under reported for the specific reasons that the established order still has trouble corralling today's Tea Partier- nobody can control the dissemination of ideas. Eventually free people will finds the ideas of economic freedom. Individual rights are not bestowed by the state, constitutions, or treaties. The state only job, if it is doing its job, is to protect those rights from being infringed upon by the government. Though the bureacratic structure was much smaller during the days of Parsons, Spies, and Lingg, the basic arguments still very at the fundamental heart of the problem. The injustices between the few rich and the masses of working people were kept in place by the same mixture of a corrupt press. The corporate paper, the Daily Tribune (now the bankrupted, newly bailed out Chicago Tribune). While the robber baron business men like
Cyrus McCormick were using paid thugs to enforce their own set of lies, the tradesmen were simultaneously demonized by the Daily Tribune.

When tensions finally rose to a fever pitch at McCormick's Reaper Works, police fired upon workers and killed six men. Spies rushed back to his office and printed placards for circulation (read the "Revenge Circular" in English or German). The elite knew they had stepped too far. It became clear to them that a few leaders of the movement had to be dealt with or else the established power stood to lose control. W
hen Albert Parsons and his wife, Lucy, led 80,000 workers up Michigan Avenue, police and Pinkerton men- a private "detective" agency hired by corporate interests to enforce their tyranny through violence- watched attentively on rooftops. One corporate paper, The Daily Mail, voiced its disapproval in an editorial,"There are two dangerous ruffians at large in this city; two sneaking cowards who are trying to create trouble. One of them is named Parson. The other is named Spies.....Mark them for today. Keep them in view. Hold them personally responsible for any trouble that occurs. Make an example of them if trouble does occur!"

Just like today, as the winds of change blow, the moneyed powers had to provoke the situation to create chaos, and retain power through a thorough prevention of a natural transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor classes (at left: alleged bombmaker, Louis Lingg). In perhaps one of the earliest false flag attacks of the young United States, a bomb was thrown just as Samuel Fielden was addressing the crowd. Many were killed and over 200 people were injured. Immediately, the editors of the Alarm (Parson's publication), and the Arbeiter Zeitung (Spies) were rounded up as potential suspects. The Daily Tribune bloviated day after day about dynamite wielding anarchist foreigners who were apt to plunge the nation into chaos. In two months the trial was over. August Spies, Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden, Albert Parsons, Adolph Fischer, George Engel, and Louis Lingg were sentenced to death by hanging. They were executed on November 11, 1886.

It is worth revisiting August Spies' last speech before his death. On the deliberate withholding of information by the priveleged classes, Spies said this: "It has always been the opinion of the ruling classes that the people must be kept in ignorance for they lose their servility, their modesty and their obedience to the powers that be, as their intelligence increases. The education of a black slave a quarter of a century ago was a criminal offense. Why? Because the intelligent slave would throw off his shackles at whatever cost. Why is the education of the working people of today looked upon by a certain class as an offense against the State? For the same reason! The State, however, wisely avoided this point in the prosecution of this case. From their testimony one is forced to conclude that we had, in our speeches and publications, preached nothing else but destruction and dynamite. The court has this morning stated that there is no case in history like this. I have noticed, during this trial, that the gentlemen of the legal profession are not well versed in history. In all historical cases of this kind truth had to be perverted by the priests of the established power that was nearing its end."

"Workers and their families may starve to death in the New World Order of economic rationality, but diamond necklaces are cheaper in elegant New York shops, thanks to the miracle of the market."

-Noam Chomsky

In the present day, we face the same stubborn unwillingness of the elite to allow humanity to develop naturally. The high priests of the banking world have constricted the market to allow for their complete domination over human development. Faced with the possibility of defeat through human enlightening, the elite is again with their backs up against the wall and forced to create a false flag situation to decry their opponents. How can every economist refuse to hear the logic of
Ron Paul? Obama is upset with the anti-government rhetoric.

What does he expect? Ironically, Obama expects everybody to believe him because, if anything, he knows the probability of a majority Americans knowing the extent of criminality of his Presidency is actually very low. He knows people do not know that government jobs are unproductive and a drain on the economy. He knows that if government dishes ou the jobs, the people will care little what the job is, as long as it pays and feeds their family.

What the ruling elite are always unprepared for is an enlightened populace- one that can discern the antics of various provacateurs. The bankrupt U.S. Corporation is in deep economic trouble. They are looking for a group or groups on which they can pin their problems and declare a more severe martial law. Could these be the days Spies warned about just before his death? "The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today." Civil disobedience and non-compliance will defeat the bullying New World Order.

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