Monday, May 3, 2010

We Shall Be Released

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."

-Chinese Proverb

If the current times in which we live can be marked by anything, it is stress. Few would argue that we live in extremely stressful times. People have to work harder, less time is spent enjoying the fruits of life, and each day features a bombardment of bad news with no hope in sight. Some say they don't pay attention and that helps them. Maybe....for a while. Eventually the stress catches up to everybody and can affect the body physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The whirlwind of chaos is rapidly expanding. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, horrible floods, volcano eruptions, and monumental earthquakes have ravaged the globe. The world economy is in a slow-motion free fall. With so much happening and thrown at people by the corrupted mainstream propaganda outlets, it is hard to remember the real problem- the illusion of control. The elite have reigned supreme through the creation of situations designed to confuse, misdirect, and shroud the true sources of injustice in the world. In knowing what is indeed the problem, they can plan accordingly. In the trading world on Wall Street, this is known as a hedge bet. After the rulers create the problem they watch the people react and add their input. Most of the time the attack itself is staged and the ready-made dis-information is constructed to set precedent. When the desired reaction has been manipulated, political minions create a solution which increases their grip on the necessary part of the harmed parties, which will eventually place the already injured in service to the people who created the problem.

The real reforms and real solutions are there. They have been waiting to be solved for generations. Ideas have been laid out. For years, the ideas were marginalized. Demons specifically hired by the propaganda mouthpieces to slander, misdirect and diminish the path to freedom have stood in the way, preventing the truth from gaining popularity. This is why only Keynesian economists exist in the high strata of university education. What is at stake is the power to control- specifically monetary policy. With the control of currency, all the rest is easily manipulated over years and decades. Every created bubble that bursts, winnings explode into the laps of the manipulators of the paper money creation game. All the side-shows, personal dramas, and, scandals help distract a largely unaware public and lead them to tyranny.

The drama constantly in the news is real. People are suffering and people seek vengeance on other people. Many times, however, the antagonism between the people or peoples is the desired result the manipulators of the economic and legal system want to happen. For instance, let us examine the situation of illegal immigration at the southern border. The federal government has neglected the situation at the border on purpose to drive the situation into chaos. The government created a black market by criminalizing drugs- specifically marijuana. The availability of the plant that grows like a weed, plus a greatly inflated price, gave birth to a phony market. The stakes are high because of competition to deal and the threat of law enforcement. The violence arises naturally from a profitable criminal endeavor.

Solutions could have been made by repealing legislation. Why do that? When the New World Order wants U.S. citizens to have biometric identification card at all times, what better way than to let the people put the leash on themselves. The state government of Arizona just passed an un-Constitutional bill required citizens to show proof of residency or face imprisonment and deportation. To do this, the federal government was able to neglect the problem they created just enough to plunge the entire state into a lawless region governed by vigilantes. Tensions are certainly high in the West. By refusing to act, towns like Santa Cruz, California are being ripped apart by pro-immigration protesters. The mainstream media has been silent probably because the elite enjoy this dynamic. Soon, they figure, white people will rise up enough to where their law enforcement attack dogs can ruthlessly suppress any and all patriots. If it had been 200 Tea Party activists breaking windows in Santa Cruz, the majority of whom were white, swat teams would have had a field day. Heck, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has already called for a nation-wide sweep of so-called "extremists."

All the stress is created and nurtured. Meanwhile the people are suffering. Many are suffering and they don't even know it. They are running to their job, eating bad food, and worrying about money that does not even exist. The elite, of course think this is really funny and, since they control everything from business to pleasure, think they can change the social mores of society. America is an idol-worshipping nation, so infatuated by the almighty dollar and fame, that the Illuminist elite have been able to make the people degrade themselves. Last Saturday at the White House media dinner, Obama joked about inappropriate things as the audience, paid to only praise and never critique his policy, laughed because they are supposed to. First he joked about the national identification card in Arizona (notice- not everybody laughed). People are dying, America citizens are dying as a result of an invasion. The border with Mexico has been overrun with criminal drug dealing murderers. In the country's mainland, pro-immigration rallies are destroying towns and Obama thinks it is funny that Arizonans will have to carry a biometric identification card with them to show the stasi when stopped. Interestingly enough, The National Pulse thought Obama had his best chuckle when Arizona passed the bill and Obama was able to denounce the bill passing. His comment was not as much a denunciation but an affirmation of praise to the state of Arizona for throwing themselves directly into the briar patch the New World Order wanted them to be.

Next, Obama joked about killing the people with unmanned drones. The sickest part about this is the U.S. Military, of which Obama is Commander-in- Chief, routinely kills innocents on a daily basis with drones. The National Pulse wonders if Pakistanis thought it was funny, considering that, according to Pakistan's statistics, only 5 of the 44 strikes which killed about 700 people, hit their intended targets. General McChrystal, commander of the forces in Afghanistan, recently said, that they (U.S. troops) have shot an "amazing number" of innocent bystanders. Regardless of the lightness of the dinner setting- joking about killing people with "video game" technology is just not funny; no matter what Hollywood douchebag, bootlicking journalist, or 20 year-old homosexual Congressional staffer you are sitting next to. Especially since Homeland Security has talked about drones patrolling the southern border with Mexico. Still, many Americans cannot grasp the correlation between themselves and those that have been dying for years in the Middle East and other places as a result of the U.S. Corporation's blood-thirsty mission in service of the elite in their quest for a one-world government. It is hard to believe human beings, even in wartime, could act so wretchedly cruel and diabolical. Watch Collateral Murder here.

The absurdity and insanity can be too much if you take your eye off the ball. Once a person understands the real issue being protected- control- then and only then can that person confront the fear. The fear is considerable. Make no mind about it, many people have died so the elite could stay in control of monetary policy- the supply of currency and the enforcement of legal tender laws or the monopoly of trade. As they get you to watch the left hand, the right comes in with an uppercut. As the war escalates on the border with Mexico, the Feds use the energy of fear to steal dairy farms from people on the border with Canada. The assault is all out and they want you to believe you cannot escape. Here is a Pennsylvania tax collection commercial designed to scare people into believing in the federal government's omnipresence. If we don't pay what are you gonna do- shoot us with a drone?
Disobedience, the rarest and most courageous of the virtues, is seldom distinguished from neglect, the laziest and commonest of the vices."
-George Bernard Shaw
The most important thing to realize is their control only works with your consent. They are scared to death because the events are accelerating quickly and all the curtains that once hid the masters from the public are coming down. The global elite crime families of the world are faced with losing it all, finally. Obviously, they are going down swinging, creating all sorts of havoc with little regard for human welfare. The best ways to stop these ruthless aggressors is to non-violently resist. Know the facts; understand monetary policy and measures put in place for the common good or safety of the people. Eventually the realization will come that the desired goal is only control. Without it, today's elite become a tiny minority that will have to plant a garden like the rest of us.

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