Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Confidence In Our Big Eugenic Brother

"The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious."

-Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor A.D. 121-180)

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the Midwest. The sun shone brightly and there were very few chemtrails. Chemtrails are the long, white substances spewed out of jet planes, up so high in the stratosphere, the human eye can barely make out their shape. Later in the day, however, the sky became criss-crossed with the white plumes. Some trails quickly expanded, becoming what looked to be artificial clouds. They were not clouds, of course, but something else. They are definitely not contrails, the harmless vapor trails that dissipate shortly after the jet passes. These white streams hang in the air often right across the sun or moon's path, ruining perfectly good days and nights.

As far as chemtrails go, there exists a number of contradictions to which the thoughtful and observant, smell like a big fat rat. Ten years ago, after the skies became lined with all sorts of white smearing and people became ill, the Air Force chose to respond to the matter. Basically, they concluded that the chemtrails were "contrails," or harmless water vapor left behind most jets. The difference, according to the Air Force, was that the contrails "formed by exhaust at high altitude are white and very similar to cirrus clouds. As the exhaust gases expand and mix with the atmosphere, the contrail diffuses and spreads." (Read the entire letter here).

The Air Force's official stance is that chemtrails do not exist. The vast majority of people who have eyes, however, disagree and can attest to their existence. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is equally as tight-lipped about the existence of chemtrails. They have chosen to support the original stance of the Air Force that contrails that occur high in the atmosphere where it is colder are typically white which then cause cirrus clouds. This is at odds with testimony from an FAA official who was told something totally different in 2001. The air traffic controller confirmed to radio reporter S.T. Brendt the existence of "ongoing tanker aircraft operations over the northeastern United Sates and Canada." When the FAA official asked the purpose of these missions, he was told "'weather modification' after a 'higher civil authority' ordered him to divert incoming trans-Atlantic airliners around military formations." Whatever the case, there remains little doubt chemtrails exist when artists are receiving $75,000 grants for rendering the images specifically.

Fast forward ten years to the present, and still no one knows anything about who is spraying, what exactly is being sprayed, or exactly why. If we are to believe the New World Order globalists, the white stuff being sprayed is to block the sun which is causing the Earth to overheat. Geoengineering, as it is now called, is the deliberate attempt to block the sun's rays from reaching the Earth based on the fraudulent theory of global warming. Mad environmental scientists have dreamed up a bunch of insanely destructive fixes to correct the fake problem of global warming. Some of these fixes- like 1500 remote-controlled, wind-powered ships spewing salt water into the atmosphere to block the sun or a bunch of artificial trees to suck the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere are just plain stupid when one considers the fact that global warming is a myth promoted by globalists to institute a one-world government through a carbon tax.

As people add up recent political and social events, the chemtrail operation appears as nothing more than another soft-kill eugenics program sponsored by the New World Order murderers. The world economy has crashed. America, the last bastion of freedom on the planet has been taken over by corporate powers. Americans will soon be forced to accept government health care. To top it off, these psychopaths want to block the sun for our own good.

Not only have the corporate food giants allowed on the market organ-damaging foodstuffs, but they have colluded with government to persecute those who choose to eat something else. It wasn't enough that Congressional Representative Rosa DeLauro introduced H.R. 875 which would essentially outlaw organic farming, but the globalists want to steal the sunlight from people to make them completely dependent on government/corporate food. Committed eugenicist Bill Gates has made geoengineering a priority, giving $4.5 billion to the venture.

Why are the Illuminist powers so concerned with people realizing their true potential and living the best, most natural life possible? The National Pulse can only guess. We will continue, however, to speak out for freedom, denounce the liars and cowards, and persecute the thieves.

"Man is a being with free will; therefore, each man is potentially good or evil, and it's up to him and only him Through his reasoning mind) to decide which he wants to be."

-Ayn Rand (American author, 1905-1982)

The independent and the virtuous will have to make a clear split from the controlling powers of the New World Order. Indeed, more questions need to be asked, more evidence exposed. One thing is as clear as a chemtrail-free sky- the New World Order will not get the hint when you are fed up with your privacy being trampled upon. They want it all. They want to control every aspect of your life; from what you eat to who you sleep with. Don't you understand? They owe powerful people money and they want you to pay!

For a moment, just reflect on the ongoing financial crisis. Everything is not alright. The situation could degenerate very quickly any second. The Financial Reform Bill, proposed by Senator Chris Dodd and Obama is the direct anti-thesis to Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 which would audit the Federal Reserve. The audit would disclose the Fed's secret agreement with foreign governments and foreign central banks. Dodd and Obama's bill would allow the Fed more secrecy. Clearly, no one is prepared or willing to choose the best path for the American people.

A serious crisis looms no matter what the government or the stock market says. A worldwide currency crisis is waiting to rear its head the minute a loss of confidence in the world's fiat currencies occur. An audit of the Fed would cause such a loss of confidence. Meanwhile. the ignorant masses are lulled to sleep while the "adults" figure out the extent of the austerity measures about to be undertaken on American soil. The longer the crisis drags on the more concessions will be made by criminals like Hillary Clinton and Timmy Geithner to Communist China. Think the time to drag this crisis out is purchased on good faith?

Heck no. Those days are over. The Chinese want concrete results. They want to see the control embedded in the language of the Health Care Reform Bill enacted in real-life practice. All of the guessing by economists will be a thing of the past with the electronic economy made possible by the Health Care Bill. RFID technology is as big a part of the Health Care Bill as jelly is to peanut butter and jelly. Don't believe The National Pulse? Think they don't want to chip the entire population with federally mandated health care? If the extensive reporting by this publication is still not enough- Here is the link to the United States Special Committee on Aging attended by Mohit Kaushal, Digital Healthcare Director, Farzad Mostashari, Senior Advisor to the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Eric Dishman, Intel Fellow, and Richard Kuebler, Telehealth Department Head.

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