Monday, April 26, 2010

New World Order- Win By Forfeit?

"It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren until she transforms us into beasts...For my part, whatever spirit of anguish it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it."

-Patrick Henry (American patriot 1736-1799)

How long will American people let themselves be manipulated by evil corporations that wish to enslave the entire planet? It is a question that has plagued Americans disgusted by wars of aggression for years. For years, elected leaders have pledged obedience to the people and failed to even remotely uphold the Constitution. The arms of propaganda have stoked the flames of war, abetted thievery and lulled millions to sleep. Like a runaway train, the unstoppable force will at some point, meet an immovable object. Some have chosen to get off. Some are aware and riding it out with keen ears and eyes. And some, some are so horribly duped, so completely brainwashed, they are incapable of acknowledging reality.

The U.S. Corporation's attempt to "bless" the country of Iraq with government has been disastrous for them and the United States. Government was needed in Iraq to install a Rothschild-owned bank to allow the march of world domination. With the fraudulent invasion, Americans not only sacrificed 1 million Iraqis, but thousand of men and women. Today, it is clear, the government can neither serve or protect the people. Now that the mess has been created, sectarian civil war is underway with the distinct possibility of genocide looming when America finally bolts unceremoniously. The main architects of the war now say they were "fooled." Karl Rove, one of the most adamant supporters of an Iraq strike, admits in his new book that if they had known there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the U.S. would not have attacked. This is clearly a lie- one which those Americans who were skeptical from the beginning would remember. The Neocons were going to get the war by hook or by crook- it didn't matter if there were weapons in Iraq or not. Iraq was operating outside the Rothschild's game of usury. To the New World Order globalist bankers, this economic non-compliance is as great a threat to their notion of "world stability" as nuclear weaponry.

Afghanistan has been as big, if not a bigger, debacle. Today, it is clear, the only reason western troops are in Afghanistan is to experiment with new weaponry and tracking devices designed to control people. As the U.S. fails miserably in Iraq and Afghanistan, sometimes it appears as if these two theatres of death are just a place for the New World Order law enforcers to hone their skills for when they arrive on America's shores. Biometric identification cards and retinal scans have been a staple for the troops as they move from village to village rooting out "terrorists." These new modes of control haven't helped much, though. There is much collateral damage and innocents dying every day as drone attacks commonly mistake civilians for terrorists.

"The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession, what there is of it."
-Mark Twain (American author 1835-1910)

The scariest part about what has happened during the last decade is the lack of empathy exhibited by humanity. People just cannot seem to see the big picture or themselves between the cross hairs of the Illuminati's quest for a New World Order. The mainstream press is still able to manipulate the public to elicit the reaction they wish. Despite the widespread lies that have been exposed, somehow the media, minions of the elite, are able to convince people of their differences and drives wedges in between the people. Whether it be racial or economic, most people still cannot see themselves a part of the whole of humanity being successfully enslaved and manipulated by inhuman forces that are willing to sacrifice anything to keep power.

The mob mentality is encouraged by the press. And the people, weary from the constant barrage of loaded information from all sides, still cannot escape the psychological abuse or the intellectual pressure applied to them. Therefore, the myths still exist to be perpetuated.

Like an abused prostitute (America), she always goes back to the pimp (globalist bankers) that horribly abused her. It is a crude analogy, but it fits well. The border with Mexico has been purposefully neglected by federal authorities. Driven to action, Arizona passes a law that will require American citizens to show their papers or proof of citizenship. Many patriotic Americans' initial reaction to this bill was positive. Most white Americans will expect that only Mexican/ Americans will be subject to scrutiny. These Americans can't see that this is exactly what the globalists who wish to seize national sovereignty want to happen. The prohibition on drugs has created an artificial market through which drug cartels have grown to have the military strength of some small countries. A lot of problems could be alleviated with the legalization of narcotics thereby ending the black market. So instead of attacking the root of the problem, drugs and their illegality, Arizona has helped enslave their own citizens by introducing a new policy that will allow police to question a person's immigration status.
Illinois ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested and summarily ousted illegally for allegations of his intent to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat. He was vilified in the press and yet the public has not heard the tapes, which will, according to Blagojevich, result in his vindication. The public largely believes Blagojecvich is guilty because political and media minions from all over, rushed to crucify him without the facts. A few like The National Pulse, however, remember that on the day prior to his arrest, Blagojevich pledged the state of Illinois to stop doing business with the Bank of America until they made good on Republic Window and Door's cancelled line of credit. The ignorant public seized upon his funny-looking hair never realizing the real issue at stake. A sitting governor challenged the Federal Reserve system. It wasn't about the Senate seat at all.

And recently, in the same aforesaid state of Illinois, state representatives have called for the National Guard to patrol the streets of Chicago to help "quell the violence." Again, people who are not black and maybe some who are, will look at this situation and believe that something truly needs to be done about "those"people. They cannot understand the incremental approach of the New World Order. They cannot empathize with today's victim. They cannot see themselves being the persecuted of tomorrow.

There is only one way to start solving America and the world's problems. The Federal Reserve banking system needs to be audited. Their ability to create money out of thin air has ruined America. Senator Dodd's new Financial Reform bill does nothing that would jeopardize the independence of the Federal Reserve and is a useless bill. Instead of an audit, the Fed would be allowed to hide its spending, agreements with foreign central banks, and hide its purchase of toxic assets.

As Ron Paul says, "You either believe in freedom or you don't." The belief in the "principles" of freedom just isn't the same. As Americans, we can either give in to statism and the nanny state or we can make it our business to analyze the root cause of problems. In this way we will be able to solve our problems without comprising our dedication to the freedoms protected by the organic Constitution. Until then, the American people will make easy targets for exploitation by the forces who create problems, elicit the desired reactions, and propose totalitarian solutions.

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