Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Indefeatable Power of Ideas

"Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

-Darth Vader, (Star Wars, 1977)

The game designed by the Illuminati royalty to completely control the economic system is crumbling fast. They do, however, have a number of sublime, nefarious "tools" at their disposal. If they are unable to achieve complicit behavior peaceably, their ruse has been to provoke, instigate, and then retaliate. It was once said, "Desperate times call for desperate measures." The world is witnessing an era defined by one word: desperation. The old established order is facing power they cannot compete against. An awakening is occurring in the consciousness of man. The old tricks, used to induce self-slaughter, are being rejected for the terror it caused throughout history. The global few know their control is slipping and it is infuriating them. A revolution of love is just up the road. All America and world need to do is open their mind to the principles of freedom and togetherness. Only then will humanity be able to achieve their destiny- not by war and bloody conquest.

There is no question the leaders of the central banks of the world are in dire economic straits. It is true, the corrupt ruling factions who have exploited mankind regularly for years to consolidate and keep control over thought and destiny are stretched thin. However, the economic gamble they made by crashing the world economy is not the only card they have left to play. The mainstream media works in complete concordance with the elite powers' aims. The media misinforms the public about many issues, all of them designed to trap, oppress, or subject men to self-imposed tyranny. With the debate securely controlled, peoples' perceptions of events are skewed, often missing the big picture for immediate concerns mixed with outright lies of omission. The evil forces prey on human emotion and use intellectual peer pressure to prevent truths from ever receiving serious consideration.

This past year already has been full of instances that deserved more investigation, more discussion, and more scrutiny. The earthquake in Haiti, which killed over 200,000 people, was never fully investigated even though the HAARP facility in Alaska deleted its record from the day of the quake. The Russian Navy and the head of state of Venezuela claimed the quake was the result of American weaponry, yet no questioning followed. Global warming or "climate change" as it is now called received the proverbial "nail in the coffin" when over 10 years' worth of incriminating emails were released onto the Internet weeks before the Copenhagen climate Summit. Because global warming was the crucial reason for global government, the effects should have been monumental. Climategate should have been the reason many scientists, public officials, and corporate henchmen were thrown in jail. Instead, the public still is unaware that the white stuff sprayed out of airplanes are intentionally blocking the sun- the result of some mad, eugenic scientist's idea whose premise is wrong, thereby making any remedy contradictory to good decision-making.

Recent weeks have seen more questionable occurrences. However, without sound background knowledge of the facts, a person would easily miss the correlations and think the occurrences were merely the result of chance, coincidence, or bad luck. Last week, one day after announcing their plan to weaken their currency, the zloty, almost the entire Polish government died in a plane crash. Could this have been the result of fog or bad luck? Or was it that the Polish government had refused to be a participating member of the European Union and sought greater control their own economic well-being?

This week, after Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner went on bended knees to ask the Chinese to devalue their currency, Chinese President Hu Jintao came to Washington for Obama's "Nuclear Summit." Though the press tried to paint a distorted picture of reality, the Chinese leader refused to comply with the U.S. officials. Shortly after, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck China killing at least 400. Was the refusal to float their currency the reason for a man-made HAARP quake? After all, the earthquake occurred not on a fault line but within a plateau. Interestingly enough, this earthquake is very similar to the earthquakes that struck Haiti and Chile recently.
Man-made or not, the United States and the criminal cabal in charge of the military are not the only nations with the aforementioned technology. China and Russia both have this technology. The National Pulse cannot help but think a retaliatory strike may be exactly what the ruthless elite want to happen. Because no one is knuckling under to their economic demands, it does not mean the globalists will willingly give up and abdicate power over monetary policy, legislation, or enforcement. Much similar to the situation preceding the world wars of the 20th century, the elite will try and foment war. If even one of these arguments is plausible, and there is a good likelihood they are with a little research, the elite are eagerly waiting for retaliation. Crisis always allows the evil to creep back into the shadows as the controlled masses focus their aggression on an enemy approved by the elite.

The awakening of humanity will hopefully prevent another awful, bloody struggle. We are already seeing the pre-emptive rejection of violence, even when it is the expected response of the elite criminals. After catching wind of a rumor that the Oath Keepers' rally in Washington, D.C. would be disrupted by violent provocateurs, the Oath Keepers cancelled their rally. The elite would like nothing more than the chance to demonize Americans who are upset with the bank bailout, those who are upset about the non-consentual passing of the health care reform bill, and those wishing to restore the Constitutional republic as extreme criminals. Freedom lovers are realizing their ideas put into action are sufficient enough arms to overthrow even the toughest tyranny. Like The National Pulse has professed before, non-compliant civil disobedient economic behavior will end the New World Order. True knowledge of the issues, not the misdirected anger that defines today's Tea Party movement, is the answer.

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