Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Laughing Stock

"Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory."

-Leonardo da Vinci

As the U.S. stumbles toward the 97th tax day since the inception of the Federal Reserve System, the worldwide economic situation is spiraling so badly out of control that administration officials cannot even make up a plausible lie. The debt, the foreign policy, the economy at home; all are desperately on the verge of causing complete collapse. Here at The National Pulse, we have shed our anger. It is not even worth being upset at any one person. The goal to achieve a one-world government is all-encompassing and in its final stages. Therefore, it is fruitless to consume ourselves with hatred for Barack Obama.

Besides, pointing out discrepancies and things that should make the American people irate is "low hanging fruit." It is just too easy. The election of Obama by the elite banking cartel was perhaps the biggest slap in the face the nation has ever seen. All the controversy over his birth, his family lineage, and his educational background is not coincidental. At a time when the United States has immersed itself in a war against Islamic extremists, the controlled party system elects Barack Hussein Obama. The global elite, eager to break down America from the inside out, want the people to know he was not born in the United States. They want people to find out about the discrepancies in his education and the sheer absurdity of Obama being a "Constitutional lawyer." They relish the times Obama distorts and misrepresents the Constitution. By the way, nowhere in the Constitution does it state that we are all created "equal." It does, however, state that to be President, a person has got to be born on U.S. soil. Nor can any U.S. President accept another title of nobility from another governing body (Article 1 Section 9). But since the U.S. is a corporation, that doesn't matter either.

Obama's handlers have encouraged his groveling to hereditary foreign dictators. The nobility clause in Article 1 Section 9 of the organic U.S. Constitution was put in place for this very reason. The people of this country were to be sovereign; unencumbered or beholden to any monarch or elitist. Obama's job is to erase all memory of that. The elite know he is their servant, a mulatto put in place to deliver America to totalitarian clutches. Yesterday, Obama bowed to Communist President Hu Jintao. Everything Obama does as President is intentionally subversive to the Constitution and anti-American in tradition. This is why he intends to govern mainly through executive order.

The people who put Obama in office meant to make him a lightning rod at home and a laughing stock abroad. Global elites, like Zbiginew Brzeszinski and Henry Kissinger, knew the final push for the New World Order would be difficult. With Obama absorbing all the flak, the fundamental underlying problem of monetary policy control can slip through the public eye relatively undetected. Outrage at Obama's health care policy removes the focus from what actually was a huge power grab by the Federal Reserve and their enforcement arm, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Obama has antagonistically made the case for what appear to be socialistic social programs. Actually, as Ron Paul explains, Obama is a corporatist, working for the large corporations in consolidating their power of everything. The puppet masters knew detractors would decry the socialistic resemblances and have encouraged Obama's ridiculous choices of appointees, many of whom have Communist backgrounds.

All of Obama's absorption of abuse at home has done little to trick international followers of the New World Order's economic quest for world domination. Despite the Climategate scandal receiving minimal press in America, the theory of global warming was blown wide open with the release of the East Anglia emails. The fraud behind the science has made the entire impetus behind "climate change" a joke that even caused the U.S. Congress to laugh at Obama during his 2010 State of the Union Address when he referred to the "overwhelming evidence" of climate change. Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner was laughed at last summer in China when he tried to assure Chinese students that their assets were safe in America. The YouTube clip of Geithner actually saying the words and the Chinese students erupting in applause has been scrubbed entirely from the Internet. Nevertheless, it did happen. Here is CNBC's Larry Kudlow talking about the "Laughter Heard 'Round the World."

"To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs."

- Aldous Huxley

It seems the only country that does not know where the United States is headed is the United States. If a person stays aware and alert, a person will conclude that the U.S. leaders have not a clue, either. The American media is doing its dog-like, obedient best to cover up the utter economic disaster awaiting America. The notion that China is listening to the U.S. about revaluing their currency or about applying sanctions to Iran is ludicrous. Despite attempts by the U.S. Administration to label the Chinese as "currency manipulators," the Chinese have made it clear that they are not the ones in the pickle- the U.S. is. As the international banksters continue to look for countries to sacrifice for the New World Oder team, China has made it abundantly clear that they are not buying the lies of an Administration concerned only with leading the New World Order. Totalitarian China sees no reason why they should take a backseat in leadership (monetary policy control) of a one-world government to the criminal Fed who has gambled everything and come up short.

People living in the United States should take a tip from China in dealing with corrupt-to-the-core officials like Barack Obama and Timmy Geithner. Every time they say something cut it in half and throw the rest out. Laugh at their assertions. When Obama gives a dire warning about nuclear weapons, assume he is warning of the next false flag attack by American or Israeli intelligence agencies. After all, the gangster elite represented by Obama is broke and very desperate. That truth can be found in everything they do or say.

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