Thursday, April 15, 2010

Perspective and Value

"Listen, I can't get involved. I've got work to do. It's not like I like the Empire; I hate it. But there's nothing I can do about it right now. It's such a long way from here."

-Luke Skywalker (Star Wars, 1977)

Though most Americans have not the slightest clue, the fight over historical perspective is raging on a daily basis. The established authority is well-aware of the truth exposing their crimes and have employed people to specifically combat any kind of truth-telling. History's revisionists wish to paint a rosy, nationalistic picture so people will continue to fight their illegal wars and participate in their immoral fiat money system. Pespective, however, is changing daily. The empathy that was missing for such a long time is again returning to its rightful place in America's consciousness. The fear tactics no longer have the grip they used to have on the people's psyche. Without money or freedom, the people ask- "What do we have?" This change in perspective will change peoples' values dramtically and cause the established order to lose control of everything.

The established order knows most people are terribly stupid and the few smart people are easily marginalized. For this reason, the elite will never willingly change no matter how dead to rights they are in the eyes of their accusers. Even after fighting foreign war after foreign war since the inception of the Federal Reserve, Americans are still dumb enough to rally around the flag when the U.S. Corporation tells them to jump. Even though the wild goose chase in the Middle East has wasted so many lives and so much money, Americans refuse to admit that the Empire is over. The country is broke. Bankers have looted the country's finances and the people can no longer support over 700 bases worldwide. As we speak the empire is coming down.

To many, the foreign wars are far away, against people unfamiliar, and largely a non-influence on their everyday life. This shallow, "as long as it is not me" attitude promotes dissension among the people. It is a convenient, all encompassing lie told to oneself that suggests the injustice will never affect oneself. This type of cowardly thinking has allowed the Federal Reserve to create and pop bubbles as they consdolidated financial power all over the globe. Today's U.S. Army is a volunteer force- men and women chose their way of life and, for the most part, are excited about being a soldier. This is drastically different from the World Wars and Vietnam. In those wars, young men were drafted and required to give of their life to their country. Perhaps this method did not produce better soldiers, but it certainly brought together more differing points of view.

"The price of apathy toward public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."


Despite the majority of the U.S. Army supporting the mission in the Middle East, more soldiers have committed suicide than have died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. The mission was unclear from the start and has degenerated since. Today in Iraq, the U.S. puppet, Ayad Allawi is facing a very real prospect of losing in the next election. This election could see the rise of a religious Shiite government which, in Allawi's eyes, will lead to a sectarian war. In Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai has threatened defecting to the Taliban if the U.S. does not stop telling him how to run the Afghan government.

America loves to be number 1 and many love the empire. It is much the same as why health care reform advocates think the government can better decide what is best for you and your body, many Americans, as Ron Paul pointed out, "love the Empire." They love being the policeman of the world and feel it is our right to be in everyone's else's country even though the native people do not want us there. Meanwhile, liberties are systematically being taken away at home and Americans just can't seem to get it throught their thick skulls that the New World Order wishes to steal everyting from them and enslave them. We can only hope people awaken and demand a restoration of the Constitutional republic.

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