Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome To The Currency Crisis

NOTE: Tomorrow, The National Pulse will be celebrating its one-year anniversary. This publication would like to thank its devoted readership for their rejection of the New World Order and their refusal to believe without questioning.

As the country slowly spirals downward, like water circling the drain, all officials can do is explain in detail about disasters averted and those looming in the future. There is never a chance to enjoy the fruit of good decision-making. In the globalist reality, the world just jumps from one tragedy and crisis to the next, making quick fixes. All the corrections result in more power for the people at the top and a loss of personal or economic freedom for citizens. It is long past due we look past their warnings of catastrophe and take our chances by doing nothing.

Whether it be the economy of the environment, Obama wants people to be afraid of the future and believe he has the answers to the problems. Obama knows many people want him to have the answer. This technique has been a valuable tool for Obama who has habitually blamed President Bush for the terrible situation in which the country currently finds itself. In many ways the panicking has given Obama carte blanche to rush through and demand huge changes.

For people who have a brain, Obama's technique is very condescending. He glosses over topics with flowery language as if the people don't understand the issues. Day by day his reactions and statements grow more and more out of touch with reality. This is a phenomena usually unheard of in a first term of a Presidency. Today's speech about jobs shows the disconnect. His speech today ended with, "These have been a tough two years. And there will no doubt be difficult months ahead. But the storms of the past are receding. The skies are brightening. And the horizon is beckoning once more."

Listening to Obama, you would think we were enjoying an economic boom. Yet, as much as he wants to deny it, inflation is looming around the corner waiting to explode all over the fake currency. It is just a matter of time. The stock market crisis, which would have involved total bank failure, was postponed by the bailout. For a year after, consumers and businesses suffered under a "credit crisis"- banks were unable to aggressively loan to people and businesses. What is next is a crisis of currency. Confidence won't be able to salvage anything when the dollar can't purchase goods for everyday life. People will adapt and use other media of exchange that will retain their value. For Obama to paint a rosy picture of the situation without acknowledging the facts is maddening.

As bad as it may be, a currency crisis could be the saving grace for America. People would be forced to understand how their currency has been debased to profit the international bankers and corporatists. People would be forced to think about their tax dollars supporting illegal wars and occupation. People might wake up to the fact that phony environmentalism is the premise for a new world religion of taxation.

The flowery language and false optimism keeps people from firmly rejecting the poisonous ideas of the elite global slave masters. Most people do not want confrontation or personal problems so they opt for the path of least resistance. The elite are hoping your minds are as soft as they believe so that you won't question what currency you are told to use next.

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