Monday, December 7, 2009

Damage Control on the Climategate Scandal

On the November 20, 2009, the world sighed with relief as over 1,000 e-mails were posted on the Internet for all to see. Insiders at the East Anglia University leaked over 10 years worth of e-mail correspondence between climate scientists. The revealing emails have proven what over 30,000 scientists have believed for a long time: global warming is and has been a constructed theory, built and protected by scientists bought and paid for by global corporations. (Find the complete set of e-mails here.)

The revelations set off a firestorm of debate mostly on the Internet because the mainstream media have been told by their corporate masters to shut up. Al Gore, the pusher of climate change has been verbally abused in the last weeks by skeptics who knew he was a fraud but had no concrete proof. Now they do and Gore is on the run. Last week in Chicago, Gore was shouted at and berated as he signed copies of his new climate book, Our Choice. The e-mails have revealed Gore and other climate change activists to be New World Order traitors. Since being destroyed in Chicago, Gore has had to cancel an $1200/ticket appearance in Copenhagen.

The summit in Copenhagen begins today and dignitaries are rushing to pass some sort of treaty that will create a carbon tax quickly, before the world knows about the fraud. The United Nations has pledged to conduct an investigation. This is laughable considering this is the organization that wishes to end all national sovereignty. The U.N. has promoted the "threat of environmental crisis" from the beginning and they want to protect their investment of lies.

The mainstream media has circled the wagons this week and is coming out with fresh spin. Where the White House is hoping to ignore the scandal, the press is covering the scandal in the hopes most people won't read the actual e-mails and realize the gravity of the problem. The press has consistently given one side of the issue and never suggested that this is a scandal, but a "theft" of private information.

Senators and Congressmen have called for an investigation of the scandal, since legislation has been proposed to deal with the alleged change in climate. “The very integrity of the report that the Obama administration has predicated much of its climate change policy has been called into question and it is unconscionable that this administration and Congress is willing to abdicate responsibility of uncovering the truth to the United Nations," explained Issa, the ranking member on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The established scientific order has tried to ignore and shout down dissent. Much like the economic debate in the United States, dissenting views have been attacked by any means necessary. Watch as this supporter of climate change shouts at a climate skeptic, calling him an "asshole" during live television. In this clip, Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown calls climate skeptics "flat earthers," comparing the critics to people who thought the earth was flat until the age of exploration.

It is obvious the e-mails have caused a great deal of panic within the new world order and there plan at this point is to ignore everything and keep going as quickly as they can to illegally create a carbon tax on the entire world's population. Chairman Obama knows he cannot debate on the subject. The new world order cannot afford America to hold hearings. So, all the globalists will show up in Denmark in 140 private jets and use 1200 limousines as they plan to figure out how to make the world pay for a myth.

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