Friday, December 4, 2009

Climategate and the Unraveling of the New World Order

Skull and Bones member John Kerry introduced the climate bill in the Senate yesterday. The introduction comes soon after e-mails were leaked from leading climate scientists from the East Anglia University. Climategate, as the scandal is now known, completely dispels the myth of global warming. The e-mails caught scientists red-handed distorting data, punishing other scientists dissenting data, and inventing facts for political gain. With one weekend left before the big new world order climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, the entire theory has been proven to be a fraud- a complex but simple scam by globalist fascists trying to wring money from the entire world.

The mainstream press and the other elite politicians can hope the story goes away but the cat is out of the bag. The story is not going away. They were trying to tax everybody for a myth! Over 30,000 scientists were persecuted and kept from publishing in journals to "hide the decline' as it related to Earth temperatures.

Nevertheless, the script has been written and the most dull man alive has introduced the Senate's form of the climate bill in the hopes that maybe nobody will find out the truth. John Kerry has been a grandstanding charlatan ever since the Vietnam War. After Yale, Kerry went to the Navy and later testified before Congress as to some of the brutalities he observed perpetrated by American soldiers. Since that time, Kerry has become a Senator, married a billionaire ketchup heiress, and been chosen to promote climate change legislation. And now, even after the entire global warming theory has been debunked for the fraud that it is, he and Barbara Boxer are proceeding with a climate bill, as if people are going to fall for their lies.

Though all the e-mails have been confirmed, Senator Barbara Boxer and the Administration Science Czar John Holdren are still clinging to the myth in the hopes they can pass a carbon tax and have a one world government. Boxer refuses to admit that it wasn't even "hackers that uncovered the conspiring e-mails. Insiders, whistle blowers, who believed the charade had gone on long enough, released the e-mails so the WORLD wouldn't be tricked into poverty. "This is a crime. You call it 'Climate-gate.' I call it 'e-mail-theft-gate. Part of our looking at this will be looking at criminal activity, which could have been well coordinated," said Boxer.

Nice try. The only criminal activity was the scientists cooking the books to institute a one world government, Boxer, you fascist.

Faced with the overwhelming evidence that their attempt to prove global warming is a fraud, the Administration is shifting gears to promote "green jobs." However, without the global carbon tax in place, the elite are reluctant to release all the new technologies that have been suppressed. It was their hope that they could have the tax in place so that they could reap the benefits for something that will make life easier for humanity. From the Washington Post: Energy-conserving home improvements would ultimately pay for themselves, and a movement towards energy-efficient housing could create jobs in the country right away, Obama asserted. "The challenge here is giving consumers the right incentives," he said.
The people don't want incentives. They want to get the government out of the way so that the world can enjoy the new technologies. Nice try in trying to enslave everybody but it didn't work. Admit it.

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