Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Unions Have Been Compromised

Once the stalwart protector of the "little guy," the union, has now been fully compromised by the moneyed powers of the New World Order. As the depression and unemployment is finally beginning to exact its "real life' toll on Americans, their union leaders are being assaulted by higher-up powers to comply with globalist demands. The economic measures encouraged by the White House and other economic officials are merely staving off the inevitable problem of a failing currency that no amount of re-employment will fix.

It was a blessing the International Olympic Committee did not give the Olympics to Chicago. Union workers and their families balked at the decision initially. However, getting the Olympics would have only created another financial bubble to be exploited by the international bankers. The city's residents would have been at the mercy of these bodies and subjected to all sorts of curtailment of their civil liberties in the name of security. It would have accelerated the entire country's march toward martial law and all in the name of protecting a totally unproductive, extravagant festival. The failure of Obama, the Chairman of the United Nations Security Council, to corral the Olympics for Chicago explicitly proved the disdain people have for the war-mongering United States. The rest of the world is finally realizing the damage done by the Federal Reserve and others to the rest of the world with their weapon- control of the world fiat currencies.

Obama , his crew of czars, and Trilateral Commission members who are now Cabinet members have no desire to "rise America up" out of the depression. Their goal is to steal every last penny from the American people they can wring out. Lying all the time, they hope that by the time people realize what has occurred they will be able to distract and divert attention from themselves.

AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka is calling for Obama to move forward so that he can keep his prestigious spot in the New World order hierarchy. Click here to watch his speech from Sept.23, 2009, the eve of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, where he supports the global carbon tax and calls for a "new economic order." Just like the Pope of the Catholic Church, The British Queen, the Dutch Royalty, the Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate and other white collar criminals, the the union "protector" is a wolf in sheep's clothing. "Doing nothing is not an option," Trumka said at the Jobs Summit. "If we don't put people back to work, the deficit will get higher." This insane attitude fits in perfectly with the elite's formula of problem, reaction, solution. After the Philadelphia Transit workers demanded an audit of their pension funds and did not get one, the president of the AFL-CIO should have been furious. He wasn't because he is a compromised pawn willing to sell his fellow Americans into a grotesque form of communist slavery because he is scared or enamored with their allusion of strength.

We at The National Pulse implore union members to study the issues closely. Be wary when Philadelphia transit workers go on strike, demand an audit of the pension funds and the strike ends with no audit. Realize what is really occurring when the President of the Boston union is fired for alleged economic misconduct. Be enraged as debate heats up in Chicago about using union pension funds to bail out a failed Spire Building project. Realize that this is a zero-sum game that will end with a failed currency and hyperinflation.
How will you feel when your pension is not even a number on a ledger?

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