Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And The Slow One Now Will Later Be Fast...

Most people, when they heard of the "Climategate" story, did not realize the gravitas of fabrication uncovered by the disclosure of the e-mails. Most people dismissed the findings as eggheads fighting a war amongst themselves which generally has no bearing on the everyday lives of Americans. However, the emails have exposed an insidious cabal trying to oppress the entire world with contrived "facts." If these facts were to be accepted, time would concrete them into the minds of the entire world even as the people would continue to suffer; existing to pay taxes to support a myth. But now, we know the entire theory was a fraud propagated by the very people doing the most polluting. The ringleader, Phil Jones, has stepped down and will likely face prosecution. Michael Mann, the "Hockey Stick" diagram architect, will also likely be asked to leave Penn State University as investigators find money behind the motives of the fraud.

Transparency, when it is allowed to happen, often impels change. Not the fake kind the Chairman of The United Nations Security Council, Obama, talks about, but real change- sea changes. The economic system is facing the opportunity for such change. This change is being fought by a cabal of people who have had great success in the current system. Keynesian economics, that is, the inflating of money by printing and the subsequent backing of that money by the government, has run its course. The system was built to fail eventually and that time is now. The Federal Reserve and all of the sycophantic economists the Fed has instituted at major universities are all backed into a corner. Similar to the climate scientists, these economists have conspired to purport the myth that inflation is a necessary component of any economy. These evil economists have suppressed the ideas of the Austrian School of Economics which espouses the sound money; money backed by a commodity.

Many climate scientists knew there was a nefarious plot to shroud the real data. About 31,500 American scientists, including 9,029 with Ph.D.s, have signed a petition that states that there is no convincing evidences that human activity caused global warming or that it will be a major issue in the foreseeable future. With the Copenhagen climate meeting looming on December 7, somebody thought the charade had gone far enough. If Chairman Obama goes ahead and signs away America's sovereignty with an international treaty, at least now real Americans who care about freedom and the Constitution will know the whole theory is a bullshit fraud.

The Federal Reserve is facing a similar predicament. Congressman Ron Paul has steadily been working to achieve this moment. The moment where all the excuses run out- the moment when all their threats and promises of annihilation are tested.

The bill is still being scrutinized, delayed, and denounced by all the supporters of the oppressive Fed. Barney Frank, the fat, unkempt, homosexual Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee is walking along the fence line on this issue. On one hand, the pressure from the public is becoming unavoidable. The bill went to committee and was gutted of all the essential provisions. Ron Paul then proposed the original bill as an amendment and it was accepted. Frank, however, has mostly hoped the bill would just go away so he could go back to his gay brothel. Speaking of the anti-Bernanke rhetoric that has ramped up in recent weeks, Frank replied, "That’s up in the air. Frankly, I’m worried about the way it’s perceived, and we’ll see what happens. If people are calm, then nothing will change.”

The Paul amendment will let everybody see the agreements the Fed has made with foreign central banks, foreign governments, and the massive amounts of paper money that has been printed. This is why the Federal Reserve is scared to death of an audit. What they have done is criminal, treasonous, and the American people will want their heads for what they have done. Frederick Mishkin has been the most vocal Fed crybaby recently.

Nevertheless, the world is changing and hopefully for the better. The people who think the solution is to grasp on to the remnants of the old order will be very mistaken. The genie is out of the bottle and more lies won't coax her back in.

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