Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Can You Perservere Through the Oppression?

(photo from the 1988 John Carpenter movie, They Live) With their backs up against the wall, the new world order globalists are trying to intimidate the world to obey. There are still a lot of tools the elite have at their disposal to influence thought and public opinion. However, control over these fundamentals are fading. Fissures have exposed the truth little by little. Though the real, complete agenda has not reached the masses yet, the people striving for erasure of national sovereignty and one-world government are panicking; rushing to sign legislation knowing that their fraud will eventually be discovered and widely known. It is important to observe the confusion and distress of these sad souls as their grip loosens and their eugenics program is brought out into the light.

The elite has been forced to rush the tempo of the conception of their tyrannical world government because the fiat money system is failing quicker than they expected. Fiat, or paper, money systems always fail, however, the globalists were hoping to crash the economy at the time of their choosing. Unfortunately for them, there are too many variables to control.

Health care and climate change are proposed legislative programs designed for nothing more than tyrannical control over American life. Hidden in the health care bill are provisions for RFID technology. (This publication discussed at length this aspect of the health care bill and that article can be found here.) Microchips embedded in peoples' hands will begin what the globalists have envisioned for a long time- a cashless society.

The escalation of the spot price of gold and silver is not so much a reflection of those metals adding value as it is the value of the dollar dropping like a rock. Precious metals retain their value because of their rarity. The Federal Reserve has printed so many dollars over the years, they don't even know how many are in circulation. And they certainly do not wish the American people to find out. Here is a brief clip of Ron Paul talking about America returning to what made her great- the gold standard.

The availability of easy, printable money has financed illegal wars and grown the size of the federal government, making it unrecognizable through the vision of the Constitution. The elite has been allowed to print the money and divert it toward all sorts of nefarious studies designed to trick and deceive the people into accepting their yoke of servitude without question. Just look at how upset the globalists are about the ten years' worth of e-mails between climate scientists working toward creating the myth of global warming! Easily made fiat money has permitted the rulers to pack the educational institutions with only individuals who would not dissent. In this way, they were able to control debate and suppress ideas from ever challenging their fake data. Climategate, the publishing of the e-mails on the Internet, is especially important and fortuitous at this critical juncture in the history of humanity. The Climategate scandal is huge and will eventually shed light on the entire hypocritical, intellectually-cloistered educational system.

The American people need to realize that they hold the real key to change. Whether it be the climate or health care or whatever, the people have all the power. The elite merely try to influence the crowd with fear and figure out where the likes and dislikes of the masses may be directed next. Since the economy is merely the result of human action, peoples' rejection will be louder than any passage of legislation. The established order likes to manipulate the market, especially the spot price of gold and silver, to crush hopes and discourage dancing away from the dollar. But the facts remain and history has proven the story over and over again: fiat money system always fail.

So as the gold price is forced down from $1200/ounce, remember that India bought 200 tonnes in October for the spot price of $1045/ounce. Remember that the Fed quit publishing M3, the amount of existing money in the system, in 2006. Remember that if people want to save the environment, that is noble. A great place to start should be to stop poisoning the water and food supplies. Remember that engineeering political agreements to create a global government is tyranny under the guise of environmentalism.

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