Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good Cop, Bad Cop and the Skeleton Key

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority to set brush fires in peoples' minds."

-Samuel Adams
Brewer, American Patriot

The Internet is rife with allegations of coup d'etats and evil politicians on the verge of being brought to justice, but that would suggest some of the perpetrators being turned over to another authority. In this case, another oppressor would assume the authority of the dispossessed and fill the void of ruler. Humanity, however, will find out there is only one Supreme Authority. All the human leaders: monarchs and government systems have been compromised by greed or desire for control. There is no loyalty amongst thieves. Being heartless and bloodthirsty is the way these rulers have managed to stay on top for so long. The elite will likely use all the tricks- including bribery to get off the hook and retain power (Braveheart scene). It is natural for people to seek a "White Knight," a savior, to change the terrible situation the country and world is currently immersed. Dis-informants have played on this weakness in the human psyche in order for the people to look elsewhere for their problems to be resolved. There is no where else to look but in the mirror and those immediately around you for the right to live a free life.

The men who control the Chinese state, the Illuminati monarchical system of Europe, and the Bush/Clinton Crime Family are fighting for domination of the world. The International globalists have constructed the system of what they have envisioned to be the New World Order. Right now is the moment they have been waiting for since the Federal Reserve assumed power over the U.S. monetary policy. In America, however, the domestic social programs, like health care and the cap and trade taxes are not in place for the people to be properly exploited. This is why all the criminal families have to work in collusion under the guise of nation states. History has shown people who are able to retain the right to defend themselves with firearms cannot be totally conquered. The entire economy needs to be nationalized and the guns confiscated for the elite to usher in their desired form of communism.

The United States is currently headed by a Communist. Barack Obama was bred for the role of President for this critical juncture in America's history. International Communists like Zgbiniew Brezinski and Henry Kissinger have developed Obama from a young man for the position of puppet dictator of the world. Kissinger gave the young Obama his first job out of college. Obama has packed his Cabinet and "czars" with full-fledged Communist sympathizers. The goal is to "break" America. Bad nutrition, fluoridated water, and the disintegration of the family nucleus has precluded this moment in time for a reason. The New World order cannot happen with a free America. Everyone must be subjugated.

And in the middle of this mess is the American people, brainwashed and largely unaware of the peril facing them dead in the face. They are beginning to stir only because their living is being taken from them. Life is incrementally becoming more difficult. A few are ready for the inevitable fight.

A big question is, "What can people do now to fight the globalist forces that seemingly have control over all aspects of life?"

First, it is important to realize that they do not control all aspects of life. Second, the way to fight is by non-participation and knowledge.

Third, there is hope for America if people know where to look. At least it exists if hope can be found watching the criminals wriggle and writhe in their skin. Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve could be the "skeleton key" to unlock the treachery of the New World Order globalists and the traitors in our own country. Beside the information about monetary policy which Americans deserve to know, perhaps the most interesting information the audit would uncover would be the secret agreements the Federal Reserve has made with other nations and other central banks around the world. this would uncover the reasons why the already dead dollar system has been kept on life support.

Perhaps then we will find out in detail specifically what was in the written agreement Hillary
Clinton brought to China early in 2009. Sources allege Clinton
granted eminent domain rights over American soil in exchange for the Chinese government to continue buying U.S. Treasuries. This would explain the apparent insanity of someone buying something that is and will be insolvent. Revelations to come from the audit might show why the Administration encouraged the Empire State Building to light its crowning lights in Chinese red and yellow in celebration of their 60th anniversary when during that time China has murdered 60 million people and continues to be a horrible human rights state. The audit may shed some light on why U.S. politicians, especially the Democrats, have taken to wearing ostentatious red. Scoundrels like Pelosi and Hillary Clinton have donned red apparel for important meetings and joint sessions of Congress. It is highly unlikely their choice of dress is coincidental.

It won't be an accident, either when Americans fly into a rage over what the criminal traitors have done to this once-great land.

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