Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Loosening Government Grip

The National Pulse has been off the last couple of days, assessing the situation and trying to figure out how the government is going to coerce the American people into continuing to accept their control. On all sides, their facade of power is crumbling. Although mainstream media would like to gloss over the serious problems, day by day the problems become clearer. The American people are starting to see that the solutions to the problems aren't going to elicit change if instituted by those who created the problems. So the Administration and others have been forced to change their strategy, point fingers, and assault the truth with cover ups and smear campaigns.

The Copenhagen summit has been a complete debacle. The scandalous Climategate e-mails came out and blew the entire impetus apart. The scientific data is faulty. Clearly the New World Order globalists are now in a race to pass a treaty to usurp national governments. Comically, countries have reached an impasse at how much oppression is desired. China is refusing to be part unless the world accepts their eugenic one-child per family policy.

Everything is imploding all at once and little is being reported correctly by the mainstream media. The absurdity of the situation is hard to deny. On Sunday night, Obama went on sixty minutes and declared that he "didn't become President to help out a bunch of 'fat cat' bankers." Meanwhile, everything he has done as President has enabled the bankers to steal as much money as possible. Obama's attempt at populism is laughable as everywhere a person looks, corporate interests are drowning out and forcing citizens into economic slavery.

All of a sudden, the Administration is encouraging people to save money. Not only are they encouraging people to pay more attention to their finances, they also want to teach kids their cockamamie theories of economic thought. After they passed the biggest bank bailout in the history of the world to keep alive an independent, offshore banking system, they want people to start saving. Especially interesting is that they are encouraging people to save right now-- just as the country is getting into a currency crisis. so as the people save more, the more purchasing power that is stolen by the inflating currency.

There is little chance Obama will join Ron Paul's crusade to audit the Federal Reserve even as they plunge the country into bankruptcy. It is also unlikely that Obama's plan to educate the children about money will have anything to do with using or gold and silver for trade, although gold and silver's use as money is stated explicitly in the U.S. Constitution.

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