Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Greatest Counterfeiter of All Time

It has an exciting week for the country and the world. The New World Order, globalist scam to control the planet by means of a world government is breaking at the seams. The truth is coming out little by little. Soon, everyone will have to redefine the framework of what is real and what is merely an illusion meant to keep the populace in check. Throughout history, people have always yearned for more freedom. The controlling powers have kept control through eugenics programs, wars, currency debasement, and disease. With so much happening, the newsroom of The National Pulse is hard-pressed to report the truth which has been so maligned by the Illuminati-controlled mainstream media which has done its best to oppress the people.

It is incalculable the damage that has done by the media in suppressing the truth. The New York Times, and Time magazine were thanked by David Rockefeller for a reason. Their true colors are shining through as Time named Ben Bernanke Man of the Year for 2009. Adolf Hitler was named by Time as Man of the Year in 1938 and later invaded all of Europe and proceeded with his maniacal genocidal programs. So, it is safe to say, Bernanke is in appropriate company. Time magazine is continuing the consistent thread of absurd actions to confuse and oppress. This action is similar to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize while escalating two illegal wars of aggression, or the nomination of tax-dodging Timmy Geithner to head the U.S. Treasury, or Bush awarding George Tenet the Medal of Freedom after providing faulty intelligence on Iraq, and the list goes on and on.

Ron Paul has been the best proponent of true Americanism. The Congressman from Texas has approached the problem of the Federal Reserve in a systematic and gentlemanly manner. This is astounding considering the harm the Federal Reserve has done to the country and the world. Ron Paul, an obstetrician who has delivered over 4,000 babies, has been a beacon for truth in a world based on lies and deceitfulness.

This is why it was invigorating to see Dr. Paul finally take off the gloves on The Larry King Show last night and talk truthfully about the Fed and Bernanke. In this must-see clip, Ron Paul calls Bernanke the "Greatest Counterfeiter of All Time" (Ron Paul starts to talk about this subject about 2 min. and 47 secs into the clip). As he starts to praise the decision, Barney Franks strokes his forehead that must have been throbbing and Ben Stein's eyes almost pop out of his head. Dr. Paul finally equated the Fed's manipulation of monetary policy and interest rate to a criminal counterfeiting enterprise. They are hiding their numbers as as they continue to control the Congress; financing wars and famine all over the world using their mainstream media mouthpieces to taut their phony and misdirected reasons as cover for their evil.

For a moment, lets examine how revolutionary is Ron's description of the Fed Chairman. Since the Fed's inception in 1913, many lawmakers and citizens have squawked about the Fed's so-called un-American "independence" and their debasement of the currency. Just one year ago, December 10, 2008, in the midst of the economic collapse, Rod Blagojevich challenged a Federal Reserve board bank. The very next day he was arrested at six in the morning in his underpants. John Kennedy signed Executive Order #11110, essentially stripping the Federal Reserve of lending money at interest in June of 1963, and was assassinated in November of the same year. James Traficant, Huey Long, Louis McFadden, and a whole score of others have paid dearly for their opposition to the Fed's evil practices of bubble and bust and currency depreciation. However, the list of chinks in the Fed's armor has multiplied dramatically in recent years and are too numerous to recount. Regardless of what Fed sympathizers say at this point, the game is up- there are no more bubbles to create. All the illusions are turning out to be vicious lies meant to enslave.

The National Pulse, as you can surmise, isn't always at the forefront of optimism. However, the tide has been and continues to turn in the direction of freedom. The audit and abolition of the Federal Reserve system will be only the beginning of the search for humanity's true destiny. Now is a time for feeling good- because the linchpin- The Federal Reserve System- is a vital source of control for the oppressors. And it is about to crumble.

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