Monday, December 21, 2009

Failure You Can Be Sure Of

At The National Pulse, we try hard to avoid piling on a bad situation at the expense of another. Usually, nobody feels worse about failure than the person who failed. It is mean-spirited and low to kick somebody when they are down. Besides, it feeds into the bad energy that so excites and invigorates the tyrannic forces set on eliminating and enslaving the people of the world. This is why The National Pulse is to chart a new course beyond name -calling. We are going to access the situation and tell the truth. This has been entirely lacking in the mainstream media time and time again, profound failure after failure. The National Pulse calls a spade a spade and will not apologize for it.

From the very beginning, it has been crucial to blow apart the cult of personality the mainstream media has strategically constructed to dupe the people on the vicious fraud that is Barack Obama. The media fawned over him, tossed him softball questions, and is still protecting his treasonous butt from the American people. They knew exactly what would make the poorly educated American youth swoon. Now, of course, many are having buyer's remorse as he seems to be the chosen puppet of the elite, refusing to stop the status quo, and is ramming an invasive, totalitarian health care reform bill down America's throat.

As often the case with weak, servile, sycophantic men, Obama will be a sadistic dictator if given the chance. Behind the flashy smile, is a servant of the elite- a house servant- recruited to use the racial divide in America against Americans. Conveniently for Obama and his masters, detractors were, for the first year, able to be characterized by the mainstream press as "racist." This accusation quickly faded as even the most brainwashed started to gape, drooling at his fascistic policies. One after another, the policies were unveiled to collective groans and outrage. All have one common message from Obama: "I will decide what the 'change' will be in this country." His arrogance and assertions throughout his rigged town hall meetings on what were "legitimate" questions from "folks" were never confronted and exposed for what they actually are. These instances exist in a vaccuum, and are meant to intellectually bully the masses. Without debate the bad ideas are allowed to exist as facts in the minds of the dumb, distracted masses, Obama's hollow promises and faulty facts are allowed to be facts. This is exceptionally dangerous when he plans to build on the circumspect facts with even worse legislation. Give him an inch and he'll think you would enjoy wearing a microchip for government health care. As many applications as an iPhone to govern and keep you in line.....

To allow Obama's collosal failure in Copenhagen to pass by un-laughed-at without a figuartive "kick in the teeth," would hamper the movement towards freedom. Besides, he hasn't learned a lesson and refuses to get it. He plans to keep on pushing for tyranny until someone actually kicks him in the teeth. His behavior in Copenhagen was characterized by some as adolescent, at times begging the Chinese leader to meet with him so they could get their story straight and dupe the world. If you missed his whiny tantrum in Copenhagen, here it is. During the speech, Obama desperately tries to end all discussion about the Climategate scandal which debunked the entire constructed theory of global warming. However, the cat is out of the bag and Obama's star quality has worn off to expose the shabby reality. He is a servant of the elite and a poor one at that.

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