Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rod Redemption

As the government is underhandedly in the midst of passing a terrible health care bill, some new information has come to light that had hurriedly been buried almost exactly one year ago. The same themes are still resonating today: Disaster is around the corner, believe us, you need protection. And so, just like organized crime, backdoor deals are being cut amongst the officials, at the expense of the defenseless citizen. In order to secure the votes needed for health care, senators have been bribed with millions even billions of dollars. The mainstream media is even claiming that this is normal- this is the way business is done.

There was a time when this sort of thing was a criminal offense and legislators and prosecutors alike rode their high horse calling this sort of behavior despicable......

One year ago , the editor of this publication decided it was time to take action. The boldness of the criminality incorporated in the bailout bill had become so absurd that America was truly in danger. The National Pulse is thankful to a tenacious reporter, then just a snot-nosed rookie, for drawing the correct parallels that at the time seemed ludicrous to those who had no knowledge of the corrupt Federal Reserve Banking System.

Many Americans had just assumed it was a coincidence that New York governor Eliot Spitzer was caught with a hooker and ousted. Similarly, most Illinoisans thought it was a coincidence when federal agents arrested Rod Blagojevich in his underwear at his home at six in the morning. Prosecutors alleged that Blagojevich acted criminally in trying to sell Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat.

The facts of the case are undeniable to anybody with knowledge of the criminal banks and what was occurring last December (2008). First, the banks received (or didn't receive $700 billion, nobody really knows) taxpayer bailout money to "avoid catastrophe." Businesses were struggling and most were in the midst of massive layoffs to try and make the bottom line or improve their balance sheet for the start of the next year.

The Republic Window and Door Company was one of those companies. Laid-off employees locked themselves in the building in protest of failing to receive severance and vacation time. However, the Bank of America had cut Republic's line of credit so that the company couldn't pay the owed money even if they had chosen to. Blagojevich showed up to the protest on December 8, 2008 in a black turtleneck and leather jacket, his dark hair just above his eyes.

That day Blagojevich pledged to suspend the state of Illinois' business with the Bank of America. As our very own scrappy little reporter had suspected, this fired a most direct shot across a very powerful person's bow. In December of 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at about 8900 and fluctuating dramatically. News like this could have been a major straw to crush the camel's back, so to speak. Blagojevich, it was decided, had to be stopped.

Federal agents showed up at Blagojevich's house the very next day (Dec. 9) at six in the morning and arrested the governor in his underwear (click here to watch attack dog Patrick Fitzgerald describe Blagojevich as public enemy number 1). What followed was nothing short of character assassination by corrupt politicians and front-running celebrity wannabes. Everybody piled on. Lisa Madigan, the tainted witch attorney general crowned so by her power-broking father, attacked Blagojevich as a person. The man who eventually replaced Blagojevich, Pat Quinn, was quick to slander his former boss and eager to do his master's bidding. Everything happened so quickly and talk radio was so quick to judge, nobody even suspected a deeper story.

What we at The National Pulse suspected was true all along- it was never about the Senate seat. It was about challenging the Federal Reserve. If anyone acted criminally it was Rahm Emanuel at the behest of co-conspirator Barack H. Obama. Despicably, Obama later called for the governor of Illinois' resignation. Nevermind that Blagojevich was elected by the people and not proven guilty, Obama wanted to remove the guy for standing up to the fraudulent Federal Reserve. (Here is the clip of Obama calling for the resignation to block the release of the tapes and put a quick end to the investigation)

No doubt the rabbit hole goes mighty deep on this one. Since Blago's arrest, a close aide has died from a mysterious suicide, computers have been stolen from Blagojevich's attorney, and maybe most importantly, the tapes haven't been released. Rod is going to win this case and the rest of us may enjoy a bit more freedom because of his bravery.

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