Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010- The End of America the Corrupt

The elite's power grab of early December 2009 turned out to be a miserable failure in Copenhagen. Those at the forefront of pushing for a New World Order have become laughing stocks as all their supposed "facts" have been proven illegitimate. December of 2009 ended with a crescendo of emotion, culminating with a blue moon on New Year's Eve. The National Pulse sincerely wishes a happy new year to its devoted readership. The National Pulse been on sabbatical, observing and absorbing information, and, as always, trying to anticipate the next move of the evil-doing oppressors. Sometimes a step back is needed to analyze and assess the wide scope of occurrences as they merge into the whole experience.

Of course, for sheep in the pasture and in the pen, world occurrences matter little- their lives are simply led by the shepherd who extracts the wealth from their backs. As 2009 rolled into 2010, little has changed for the oppressed American people and the overlord Federal Reserve System. The audit and dissolution of the Fed remains the linchpin in the destruction of the New World Order. The American people must end the Federal Reserve System before the dollar is completely insolvent. The dollar system is already dead. Criminals operating in the capacity of public servitude are at this moment conniving to either introduce a new currency or push the miserable debt that they have created onto the American people. this will be the defining issue for 2010. Like Ron Paul has said, the Fed has to be audited. It can be done now or later when the dollar is completely destroyed by hyperinflation. Either way, the Fed is doomed.

More interesting and bewildering has been just watching this hapless Administration flounder and keep pushing their secretive, Communist, homosexual, and totalitarian agenda. Throughout his 2008 campaign, Obama specifically promised that debate over the totalitarian health care takeover would be broadcast over C-Span. This has been a most egregious lie as senators are cutting backroom deals for bribes.

Obama and the Democratic leadership is closely aligned with the Chinese Communist. Remember, Copenhagen was supposed to "seal the deal" of the New World Order with the U.S. and China in charge of one big world governed by the principles of eugenics. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Obama, and most of Democrat leadership have all taken to wearing Chinese red to televised functions. This is hardly coincidental.

Not only is the Obama Administration and the Bush/Clinton Crime Family in debt to the Chinese, they also admire the vicious success of the Chinese Communist Revolution. Numerous appointees have stated they reject the principles of liberty and the free market. Here "manufacturing" czar Ron Bloom agrees with Mao and thinks the free market is "nonsense."

The list goes on and on. Perhaops the most creepy is the "safe schools czar" Kevin Jennings. Once, as a teacher, Jennings was confided to by a 15 year-old student about a sexual relationship with a an older man. Jennings told the student that "he hoped that he (the student) used a condom." Given a second he may have suggested something else....

They are so corrupt, it's disgusting. Obama has no choice but to keep plowing through with his sad agenda. The tide, however, has and is changing rapidly. People are fed up with government in general. They are starting to care when the White House Christmas tree is decorated with Mao-inspired and homosexual ornaments.

To think that all these things are concidental would be foolish. Obama hired a transgender technologist recently. "Amanda" as he is known as now, used to work for criminal weapons manufacturer Raytheon Missile Systems.

Anyway, this cast of clowns is too goofy to ignore. They want to teach your kids about love. And shoot them up with poisonous vaccinations. And most of all, they want your children to serve their system where there will be no individualism or market freedom.

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