Monday, November 9, 2009

The Proposed Health Care System Will Not Work For Sure

It is hard to stay positive and believe everything will turn out alright when everything is poised to bring defeat. Late Saturday night while most Americans were trying to enjoy the weekend, the House of Representatives squeaked through the health care reform bill. The health care bill is the most un-Constitutional, intrusive, and evil piece of legislation ever passed through an American house of Congress. And the American people, obsessed with sport and circus, are just too stupid to recognize the cage closing in around them.

Back in August when the original health care bill was introduced, people went crazy. People were rightfully concerned about the public option. See, the public option is nothing but a Trojan horse to eliminate private health care. When government tries to provide goods and services using funds from the populace (taxes), private enterprise will eventually be eliminated from the market by rising costs. This a fact. No matter what government proponents try to tell you, when government tries to intervene in a sector of the market, it will crush the private interests in that sector. This is because government is unproductive. It just takes. It takes and takes and takes, until what is left is one big monolith of bureaucracy where little is accomplished. If you thought the dissemination of the swine flu vaccine by the government was ineffective- just wait. You haven't seen anything yet.

The assumption by the moronic, communists that health care is a "right" is just plain wrong. Health care is a good, a commodity. How can people claim a right to someone else's services? People have different priorities. Some people lead a healthier lifestyle than others. Some people like to eat bad food. Some people like to spend their entire paycheck on their wardrobe. There is nothing in the Constitution that guarantees Americans the right to health care. If Congress gave a shit about "promoting the general welfare", they would first audit the Federal Reserve and return the American economy to a sound money system. Furthermore, the Constitution definitely does not demand that every American be required to purchase a $15,000 policy or be subject to a $250,000 fine or 5 years in prison. This is the American way for the 21st Century: DO IT OR ELSE! Iraq- they wanted democracy so much they had to be forced into it! Heck, only a million Iraqis died; at least they now have an elected puppet-to-the-west administration.

This is how the mafia works. They provide "protection" but in reality they are taking much more. They get to know your likes and dislikes intimately so that they can pull the strings on your daily lives. With passage of the health care bill, it should be relatively easy to RFID chip the population, break up families, and ration everything from food to commodities. This is how control freaks operate. They cannot stand that people may have a chance to NOT pay them. They want in your life, not to make the world a better place, but to insure they stay above the people they were elected to serve. Quick question: Will Congressman be under the same health care plan as the American people under the new bill? Answer: Of course not, you idiot slave.

The elite has a plan for the people and none of it is good. People are just too stupid to figure it out. Last Sunday Lloyd Blankfein, the head of Goldman Sachs said he believed the banks are doing "God's work." He must be referring to the Old Testament's concept of the "angry God" who is constantly seeking revenge. It may be hard to find a passage, though, where God actually steals from the people, forcing them to pay him in return for not destroying the Earth. However, Lloyd is right about the unbelievable influence had on the market by Goldman and others. Goldman is indeed playing a god to a certain extent; they have the power to influence interest rates which is directly related to the amount of freedom extended to a person.

In ways too numerous to recount, Americans deserve their fate. The blood of two illegal wars is on their hands because they have been too stupid and lazy to stop it. They have let their government stray far away from the Constitution. And now, their Commander in Chief has accepted the role of Chairman of the United Nations Security Council. Obama is prepared to cede the sovereignty of the United States to that world body in December.

Most Americans honestly believe that somehow this is the natural progression of things. Government, like some sort of flower, naturally gets bigger. They are so easily fooled and duped into accepting their fate. Americans believe the future will just continue on as it always has been. Falsely, they believe the dollar will retain its purchasing power even though it is crashing. The media propaganda machine writes stories to the contrary but the facts do not lie.
The American people think they will retain the same standard of living as they have enjoyed in the past as 4% of the world's population that uses 40% of the world's resources. Yet, at the same time, they are incredibly naive about the concept of sovereignty, they don't think it matters. The liberties provided in the Constitution are the ONLY things that matter. Without them, the government can do WHATEVER IT WANTS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. The reasons won't matter, they will be able to force any American to abide by the rules that they provide.
Americans can change the tide of control with alternative economic choices. If the people chose to not play the game of the failing currency, they would begin to break away from the international bankers that have held them as property for all these many years. Maybe America needs a turn back to the gold standard- the Constitutional econmoic system that accounted for all America's intial success.
Perhaps people would start to trade gold so they wouldn't be cheated on the immoral inflation tax. The inflation tax is the purchasing power lost over time due to central banks or governments inflating the overall supply of money notes. When a commodity such as, say, gold; the gold price goes up. Ok, the rise in gold isn't necessarily gold rising. What is happening to gold is much more a reflection on the dollar going down or losing value. As the gold price soars, it is more a reflection of our everyday money losing value. And today, the dollar is totally inflated and worth less and less everyday. Fewer and fewer goods can be bought with the same wage amounts than since the depression of 1930. And the central banks have made it their policy to just inflate the fiat printing of currency. This will insure the death of the dollar. More inflating at this time will remove the dollar from its role as the reserve currency.

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