Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Want The Guns?....Come And Try

The National Pulse has highlighted the fraud behind the governmental and mainstream media push to mass vaccinate the population. The government was hoping they could frighten everybody into taking the poisonous vaccine and at the same time offer the people health care. That way, they would be able to kill a bunch of birds with a bunch of stones.... or vaccines. Making money on both ends would be the Internal Revenue Service, the non-government agency allied with the Federal Reserve banking system.

From the beginning, there has been many tip-offs that the vaccine was a fraud. For Americans who are no longer in a brainwashed slumber, the fraud was easy to see. Right away, authorities admitted that the H1N1 strain of influenza was cultured in a laboratory. Long before the virus was any kind of threat, a patent was filed for the vaccine. Clearly, this was a business decision made by people who consider other people assets. Situations like these arise when people are duped- falsely believing that their government is safeguarding their freedom but in reality is everyday working to claim and retain ownership of their labor, profits, and physical lives.
So the government bought the vaccines. For their investment they would like to see some return. That return, for the government that gives a shit about your well-being, are side effects. Some side effects are short term, others long term, but what they have in common is that they both will benefit Big Pharma. The mainstream media, who has been bailed out just like the banking industry, has been contracted to sell the public on the shot's necessity, safety, and drown out dissenters. The media has steadily pumped story after story about the dangers of the swine flu. Most of the time, however, it has been proven that people stricken with the swine flu have died from extenuating circumstances. Nevertheless, the mainstream media organs have not been able to stop the truth from coming to light on the Internet.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the swine flu vaccination push has been the involvement of law enforcement and the threat of mandatory vaccinations. From the beginning, the Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with the CDC (Center of Disease Control) has taken a leading role in pushing the vaccines onto what they call "the most at-risk groups." The elderly, pregnant women , and children were strongly encouraged to receive the shot first. They recruited the public schools to keep up the propaganda and administer vaccinations. The propaganda assault has been non-stop but with varying degrees of intensity around the nation. In New York, health care workers were told they must take the H1N1 vaccination. Authorities quickly backed off; as their forcing the people to inject themselves with poison is, of course, un-Constitutional.

At the current juncture, the push for vaccination seems to be more important than keeping the citizens healthy. When the first outbreak occurred in Mexico City, Mexican officials completely shut the city down. This was effective against the virus which spreads from human to human contact. Now that the U.S. is confronted with the same problem, they are choosing to not close schools. If the disease is controlled, who needs the vaccine? It is this kind of ridiculous logic that is causing people to question the motives of the fraudulent federal government. Already, most people view the entire mess as a complete failure, as Ron Paul has said. Nobody believes the government anymore. Everything is a trick, a ruse, an attempt at throwing the wool over peoples' eyes.

Yet they continue with their psychological operations. The rejection of the vaccine is simply unacceptable to the government. Even though the Department of Health and Human Services has historically handled such emergencies, this time the Department of Homeland Security is taking a "larger role." They are watching out for any "entrepeneurs who are selling false swine flu cures." This is defined loosely to give the DHS liberty to persecute peoople for trying to be healthy. People who take collodial silver have been cited as enemies of the swine flu vaccine. What could be next- people who eat good food? Sorry, that has already happened.

Why is DHS involved this time? There may be a number of explanations about why DHS is taking a bigger role this time, and none of them are good for the American people. Obama's "national emergency" declaration had less to do with the swine flu than the government gearing up for a fight. They know it is coming. Once the lies really hit home to the American people is when that fight will happen. That time could be when people cannot use their dollars to buy even a loaf of bread.

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