Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can You See? America is Changing...And Fast!

What happened Saturday night is finally sinking in at the newsroom of The National Pulse. The sneaky, underhanded passage of the House of Representatives Health Care Reform bill proves the assault of American freedom is at full speed. The Obama Administration is in the process of the transformation from fascism to complete communism. Where the Bush Administration was highlighted by fascism, the mix of big business and government, what is happening in this Administration is further seizure of even fewer economic opportunities. So, fascism is actually the period capitalist states go through before the inevitable communist state sets in. The corrupt are always unwilling to abdicate power, therefore, the power structure becomes more centralized.

The fact that totalitarianism is on the march is crystal clear. The mind-boggling disconnect between the Congressmen and the people is profound. More than 90% of Americans rejected the presented health care bill in August. The vehemence displayed at the town hall meetings doesn't matter any more to these filthy, corrupt lawmakers. They are going to do whatever they wish regardless of the concerns of their constituents. They have no regard for the Constitution or the principles on which the country was founded. Nancy Pelosi supports the forcing of citizens to purchase health care or else receive a $250,000 fine or 5 years imprisonment. Health care is the linchpin for any totalitarian state. Since government involvement in care with eliminate all private health care, citizens will be forced to play the government's game. From here the government will be able to force citizens to obey, or else.

Officials like Pelosi cover up their intentions with flowery language, but the facts remain. More government means more control over the people. Senator and scumbag Harry Reid is one of these maggots that has no concept of individual freedom. Here he is claiming the tax system of the United States is a voluntary system. The last time The National Pulse checked, people who evade taxes go to jail. At least people who aren't Tim Geithner. These people spend so much time patting themselves on the back and tickling lobbyists that they have forgotten to consult the Constitution. They don't even care about it until they get called on it and then they distort the specific words of the founding fathers. Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader, is one of these knuckleheads. According to people like Hoyer, Pelosi, and Reid, if they think they are "promoting the general welfare," they think they can do whatever they want.

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

-Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

With government in control of health care, the people will be dependent on the government for their very lives. Children of these people will be at the mercy of the state. Indoctrination of the children has been a pillar of the Obama domestic policy from the beginning. Evidence of their plan is abundant and blatant. Recently, the Administration used the muppet Elmo to try and promote their poisonous H1N1 vaccine. The Administration obviously has big plans for the cast of Sesame Street. Michelle Obama is celebrating the show's 40th anniversary by talking about, of all things, healthy food. Sesame Street will be, the government hopes, the teacher for the next generation. Individualism will likely be diminished in favor of "promoting the common good" and "willingness to sacrifice for the state or your leader." It is plausible that as their parents are unable to raise them because of financial difficulties, more children are destined to be raised by government television.

This will fit in perfectly with Obama's Civilian National Security Force. Largely made up of what will be tomorrow's youth, this outfit will resemble Hitler's Brown Shirts. People who are forced to use the same services will become a nation of snitches and back-biters, always trying to gain the approval of higher-ups to secure their chances to better commodities.

This is where the nation is headed. It is time to halt everything and start repealing all un- Constitutional legislation.

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