Friday, October 2, 2009

Why The Olympics Matters to Obama

Why would the President want to bring the Olympics to America? At a time when the U.S. is in bankruptcy, why would the President be supporting the Olympics in Chicago?

The knee-jerk response is jobs. "Jobs!" they scream. "To get America back on its feet, citizens need to go back to work and make money!" they bellow.

The National Pulse disagrees with this argument completely. The economic problems facing this country really have nothing to do with "jobs." Projects to build building that will be used for a few months will not help the economic situation in this country. More jobs to build these buildings will only postpone the eventual demise of the economy and provide a distraction to hide the real perpetrators of the theft. Bringing the Olympics to Chicago has been planned for a long time. The people in Obama's home town, especially the black people, need pacification. In the end, he will hurt them too, but for the time being, he needs to throw them something.

None of this makes any sense unless you understand monetary policy.

Obama has been given the task of destroying America's economic sovereignty. Now, during the process, he will try to convince everybody that the situation is improving without fully fixing the true crisis- the currency. America will be slow to accept a new currency that is not the dollar. So, Obama will inflate and reflate, constantly intervening in the economy, making it worse each time. The Olympics is another great opportunity for the banking cartel to steal more money and at the same time claiming they are trying to solve the problem.

This suits the elite just fine- keep the people busy and distracted with bread and circuses while they steal all the freedom and money.

Just released- No Olympics for Chicago- what a pity. London probably needs the world welfare more, anyway.

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