Monday, October 5, 2009

The Chinese Takeover of American Influence

It is Monday and the nation is still in a state of shock as Chicago, the home town of the U.S. President, failed to be the host city for the 2016 Olympiad last Friday. In fact, of the three finalists, Chicago was eliminated first. Even after the President spoke about his love for the city and his wife Michelle spoke about her father's multiple sclerosis, they were still denied the bid. To say the least, the decision was shocking. Union members all over the "City of Big Shoulders" were upset that the chance for years' worth of consistent work was lost to a South American city. They failed to see, in their short economic sight, that the Games would just stave off the problem of a failing currency much longer and allow corrupt politicians like Mayor Daley and Barack Obama to continue to marginalize liberties while foreign powers descend to foreclose on American.

The most shocking aspect about the U.S. not getting to host the Games is not the fact they lost the decision. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is notoriously corrupt. They unashamedly play favorites and accept all sorts of gifts, leading many cities on as would a pretty girl teasing prospective teenage boys. In the end, the city who can produce sufficient bribes and gifts gets the prize of the giant headache of the actual Olympic Games. And in the era of fiat money, the construction has become so extravagant and the games so money-driven that they literally transform a society. The most shocking aspect is that Obama flew to Copenhagen with his wife, begged for the Games, and was rejected flat. The most distressing part of this for any American was he did not know that Chicago would be eliminated.

This truly shows just how far the United States has degenerated in respect to world authority. The sycophantic mainstream media, deep in Obama-worship, is at a loss for words at how to describe this complete failure. It is kind of like losing your pants as you go to put the star on the tree at the Christmas pageant in front of the entire town. It is just plain old embarrassing. Even Obama detractors are at a loss for words on this one. This is because the intelligent ones understand that it says less about Obama as a person and more about the situation the United States is currently embroiled in. Obama is culpable for some of the problems because he refuses to solve them, but by no means did he create most of them. He is just a puppet sent to do the master's bidding. He has taken the American people along with him so that we all look like asses right now.

It is becoming increasingly evident that China is behind much of the pressure that is resulting in poor decisions and apparently calling an undetermined amount of plays within the corporation od the United States of America. Last week, the Empire State Building in New York lit its windows up in Chinese red and yellow in celebration of the Communist regime's 60th anniversary. Why this would happen in America is inexplicable. In those 60 years, China has killed an estimate 60 million of its own citizens. The regime continues to repress dissent and unashamedly practices eugenics; each family is limited to one child. Recently, President Obama delayed the meeting of Tibet's Dalai Lama to placate the Chinese. These occurrences do not bode well for Americans.

The international bankers have involved America integrally into China's economy. China, in return, has purchased much of the U.S. debt. America is severely out-populated by the brutish nation. America is severely in debt to China, also. Enormous pressure has been placed on the dollar. This has changed the original plans the European globalists had for the New World Order. China, now in a position of strength wants to determine the reserve currency. this decision will bring everyone under the uncompromising yoke of the Communist Chinese.

This is the result of what years of decadent consumerism and purchasing crappy Chinese products, some that contain poison, has done to the once-great U.S.A. Now that we are in this terrible debt, the Chinese are going to want their money eventually. They aren't going to want the Federal Reserve Note, either. They are going to want the hard assets. The Chinese will have to devise a way to infiltrate the American mainland to extract the riches themselves.

Americans should pay attention to the Chinese because the Federal Reserve has mortgaged American lives to Chinese. Now, whether you agree with the validity of this assessment or not, the situation exists; especially in the minds of the Chinese leaders. In 2005, Chi Haotian, of the Chinese military, gave a speech advocating the utter extermination of Americans. Here is the text of the speech.

The question is this: Do you believe your fraudulent, in-debt government when they pressure you into taking vaccination shots when you know the Chinese are pulling their puppet strings? Do you believe anything they say?

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