Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

So what now? It is highly unlikely anything on Obama's agenda is going to pass into legislation. After the August health care debacle and the Olympic bitch slap, it's hard to see even the gutless Congress pushing through any of Obama's fascistic measures. The swine flu "project" is now fully underway. They have yet to push for the poisonous vaccine to be made mandatory because they know people will reject it. The inability to administer the swine flu vaccine will affect their plan for martial law which , in turn, is directly related to the failing economy. Time is running out on the "zombie" dollar system. We are witnessing the breakdown of a tyrannical regime trying to oppress, loot, and get away all at the same time. It is crucial to hold those accountable for their transgression.

Where do we go from here? The answer is back to the Constitution. As the federal government continues to usurp its delegated powers in favor of a world agenda, the states should assert their rights guaranteed them by the Tenth Amendment. A number of states' already have asserted their states' rights enumerated to them by the Constitution. Some state are wary about gun laws. Part of the elite's plan to erase all national sovereignty will be an attempt at disarming the people.

Once the people quit participating in the fraud that is the U.S. government, the better. It will be hard. They have already made a couple public examples of black professional athletes. Plaxico Burress shot his own leg and was then imprisoned for two years for owning a firearm. Method Man, a rapper, was arrested for failing to pay $33,000 in taxes to the IRS- which is not even a government agency.

Civil disobedience and boycott has always been the best way to fight the oppression of tyranny. There are more benign ways to achieve the goals of righting America's ship. One way is to quit keeping money in the bank. The bank puts the money on their books and then borrows 100 times the amount. They are indebted to oppressive foreign regimes and do not deserve out business, anyway. When is the last time you received a toaster for opening up an account?

Start a garden. Companies like Cargill are trying to dominate the food industry. Their interest is not in quality but how much money they can bilk from people. Bilderberg member and all-around scumbag, Henry Kissinger was once quoted as saying, "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people." If all people were to start gardens, they would make a huge impact on the mammoth food corporations.

The elite are losing control and they want to control everything. Self sufficiency can be achieved but the globalists who control everything presently will not let it happen. Therefore, they are holding on to everything tightly and offering bad solutions until they can fully oppress people. What is necessary is far the more intelligent to draw out their real goals so the nefariousness of these goals can be seen by everybody and rejected so soundly that never again will people fall for the trick.

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