Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Afghanistan- The Press Tool to Describe a Failing Agenda

The Afghanistan War is being used by the mainstream media as a tool to gauge the effectiveness of the New World Order agenda. For eight long years, the war in Afghanistan has been waged. Over the most difficult terrain in the world, U.S. and NATO troops, have chased the Taliban, Al Quaeda, and Afghan citizens all over the mountainous region. Despite this pressure from some of the best organized military forces in the world, the Taliban controls about 97% of the country.
Recently, General Stanley McChrystal challenged the president's strategy in the region, asking for more troops. He alleged the situation is rapidly unwinding and will turn into "Chaos-istan." These allegations, made in a speech delivered in London, infuriated the faction in the White House that keeps pushing for a Anglo-led New World Order. Sides are being chosen in the Pentagon, White House, and State Department. It is only a matter of time before this dissension spreads from the bottom to the top , and from the top to the bottom. Our best (the military) are being used as decoys; targets for groups of hardened fighters who live there. Unfortunately for the U.S. military, their campaign is doomed for failure.

The question remains for the policy makers: Isn't that the point of the war in Afghanistan? Isn't the war supposed to be a giant waste? A giant excuse to spend gobs of money, much of which ends up in the wrong hands at the expense of the taxpayers? Isn't that what it is all about- keeping the citizens on their heels with fear so that they don't realize what is about to be done to them?

The best and brightest have been sent away on a wild goose chase. The problem for Obama and the faction that wishes to break America and wipe away its national sovereignty is that time is running out on their "crisis window." It won't stay open forever. Even Americans- who have believed the most ridiculous of lies and turned a blind eye to multiple atrocities will balk when they feel truly threatened. Sooner or later, the elite will have to make a move; and at this point, the incremental speed has proven too slow. Whatever action they end up taking will appear too drastic and be cause for real alarm. Once the perpetrators lose this edge, the paradigm shift can be so dramatic and quick, that many will be executed for their crimes that very moment.

When the soldiers that have served in the wild goose chase are able to come home, the only jobs ready for them will be in law enforcement. The dollar is doomed and along with it, America's prosperity. The elite coupled with Americans' refusal to confront the evil has insured that this depression will be especially painful.

Oh, you don't believe it? They have already told everyone what will happen. You just have to perform simple addition to realize the end result. Unemployment will get worse. The government owns most of the economy. The reason they keep trying to pass the public option is because the government will have to do it anyway- by default. Because so many people will have so little money, the government will "have to step in" to prevent disaster.

The American people may be able to stem the tide and protect what is left of their freedoms. the key is restoring the Constitution to the original form that was replaced in 1871. Next, the states need to take responsibility for their communities and stand up to globalist measures that the people do not want. Stop believing what you are told and question authority.

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